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  How to use melas skin cream

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How to use melas skin cream

PAST HISTORY : My skin is weatish please suggest me

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Thank you for your question. Melas cream is an over the counter herbal depigmenting cream. It should be used as a very thin film only over the affected areas (dark spots/patches) once at night. The cream can cause irritation when first used so start with alternate night application for 2 weeks before making it every night. Melas cream should only be used for 6 weeks or so after which the benefit can be maintained with a retinol cream such as Yugard or EGA. Also it is important to use a sunscreen everyday to prevent the dark spots from coming back again. An SPF 30 or more sunscreen is required and La Shield, Sunstop Aquagel or Neutrogena are some good brands.

Please feel free to ask if you have any queries.

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