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  What is mild prominence of rig

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What is mild prominence of right PCS in kidney mean?

PAST HISTORY : CA ovary stage 1. post chemo on followup seen mild prominence of right PCS in kidney

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I have done ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis and the report i got is LIVER,GALL BLADDER, PANCREAS, SPLEEN and UNRIARY BLADDR is normal. But KIDNEY : Right kidney : 70*32mm Left kidney : 79*35mm Both kidneys are decreased in size. Renal parenchymal echo texture increased in bilateral kidneys. Cortical indentations noted in bilateral kidneys. No calculi or hydronephrosis in either kidney. PROSTATE :: Size : 37*30*35mm (Volume-20 cc) Increased in size. Median lobe of prostate is enlarged. Can u tell me is it very serious now or in future ?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, Yes the report shows that your kidney size is reduced significantly and you need to get many tests before i can make any comment although rest all other things mentioned in the ultrasound are normal. But you will have to get your urine report like urine routine and microcscopy,kidney function test,glomerular filtration rate. Then depending on these test reports we will have to see whether they are enough or we might have to investigate you more. This might be ok or might have to be investi ...
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what is the cure for Mild Hepatomegaly with Grade II Fatty Infiltration

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, As such as you saw in your attached document that it can have multiple reasons and what you can do to control hepatomegaly or reverse the fatty changes is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 1)get lipid levels in your blood and if they are raised we can start the medicines for them 2)else have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet 3)reduce the amount of fat in your diet,specially fried food,food rich in saturated fats or any fast food 4)avoid food which are dense and rich in carb ...
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  Doctor's Answer

it means you have early cervical spondylosis. this is a common condition in this fast pace life with lots of abuse of neck. well traditionally you can undergo physiothereapy after due evaluation by an orthopaedician, i personally offer spinal manipulation to get quick and long term relief. ...
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The results of my xray is mild pulmonary hyperaeration, rigth apical opacites, wath is the meaning of this? Is this cancer?

  Doctor's Answer

hi...... It can not not be stamped as case of CANCER of x ray basis only but it can be. it need complete history and other investigations to comment on this. regards Dr Rajendra Takhar ...
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Diffuse disc bulge at l5/s1 intending the thecal sac causing mild canal stenosis and mild bilateral foraminal stenosis-what is meaning in tamil language

  Doctor's Answer

compression of nerve roots at L5/S1(low back) due to narrowing of the nerve outlet; could result in Sciatica i.e.,pain along the back of thigh and leg often shooting type. In Tamil language it could be said as"iduppu vazhi, kaal isukkiradu,shock adikka maadiri novu".Hope you can understand.......... ...
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