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  water to be added in 1 gm of d

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water to be added in 1 gm of darolac for 5 month old baby...............and the time period to follow to give that to baby

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when my baby is born she is so fair and pink ..after two day her face and body look radish ,after 4/5 days she look darker . lots of people said don’t worry baby color will change after some month .i don’t know but her complexion looks dull now .my husband have fair complexion and myself fair. That’s why we worry how she look like dark . any remedy to improve the color of the baby

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Thanks for your query All babies when they are born are fair and pink because they have no environmental exposure before birh.FIrst few days after birth they develop some red rashes in response to heat and cold.Baby's skin is very soft and sensitve so it reacts to clothes and linen baby wears.Thus baby's clothes should be soft and according to weather,for example they should be made of soft cotton during summers and humid climates.The dark colour your baby has acquired is her skin's response to ...
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Mam my wife last period came on 12th april2013. I have intercourse this month very much to conceieve baby.now today 23 may it has no period.in the past her period is very regular 28to 30 days.pregnency test on 15th may and19th may came negative.what should do.we are in trouble what to do.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi!! You can start tab endogest only if pregnancy test shows a healthy pregnancy and the location of the pregnancy is in the uterus( which can be visualised by ultrasound). It is all the more important for you to confirm pregnancy by the test as I advised earlier ...
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Dear sir, my baby is having vomiting and motions after feeding farex/nestum. She suffered for a week and then we stopped it and feeding some home made rice floor with water. Also, Iam breast feeding my baby. But my baby became very thin and week.she is 7 months old now. Please suggest what should i do?

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hi. I DR GANGADHAR Pediatrician more than 10 y exp in Bahadurpura bear Attapur, pillar no 143 left road to bahadurpura, Hyderabad ap India. visit my clinic for all your queries ...
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My baby girl of 4 month old having frequent small motion problem....this occurs very frequently.I use to give bifilac sachet to her.my query is bifilac is safe to given again and again?

  Doctor's Answer

no bifilac is not safe for a child of 4months as she has not yet developed proper defence system. Only breastfeeding will solve this problem. It is nothing but colonic infection. Also visit a colon-rectal surgeon & proctologist to find out possibility of Hirschsprung's disease or other ano-rectal malformations. ...
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Our baby is 7weeks old.One day we sow on our baby buttom these blue marks,we call to the hospital straightaway,they ask us to bring her to the hospital.These bruises a really large on both buttocks,we never harm our baby.After few hours me and my husband were arrested for child cruelty,now its been 4weeks and our baby is in foster care while they do investigation.Its heart breaking,we have no idea how these bruises emerged in the first place,could it be these birth marks that everyone is talking about?but she is white skin,we both from eastern europe.Police took her infant baby bath,cous we told them it my be cous of the bath.Any advise or anything that could help us please?we try to get help for her and look whats happend,i never imagen in a million years they can do this.thanks

  Doctor's Answer

Hello, I'm really sorry to hear about what happened. Well babies often have spots known as Mongolian Spots on the lower back and buttocks. These spots are usually present at birth but can develop even afterwards in the first week of life. These spots are harmless and disappear over a few months to years and no treatment is required. The medical name for the problem is Congenital Dermal Melanocytosis. Here is a link with more information regarding Mongolian spots: http://en.**url**/wiki/Mongoli ...
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