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  My husband age 65 had to have

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My husband age 65 had to have his lower left wisdom tooth removed because there was a cavity on the tooth before the wisdom tooth. The original doctor only removed the tooth November 26, 2012, was given Norco for pain and recommended to take ibuprofen for pain. My husband had pain, and swelling. Original dentist packed the tooth with a special pack. Husband also applied clove oil. He talked to oral surgeons. Went to another surgeon and was given steroids, and antibiotics. My husband had dry socket and the hole was not closing up. So the new surgeon recommended a water pick and brushing the area vigorously to stimulate circulation. THe hole is closing up. Also, a root tip was found and had to be removed which added new pain. My husband is trying to not taking Norco anymore and trying to reduce ibuprofen. But pain level is 1-3 with twinges in jaw. It's been 8 wks. Is that normal? The original wisdom tooth had fused to the bone and had to be sawed in half to be removed. The cavity still hasn't been filled due to other pain.

PAST HISTORY : Wisdom tooth extraction 11/26/12 because of cavity behind last tooth before wisdom tooth and still have pain after 8 wks. Pain has diminished but is still 1-3 on scale of 10. No more swelling.

2 Answers

Since there is a cavity in the tooth preceeding the lower wisdom tooth which was finally removed and the wound should have been healed and closed in two weeks the other tooth then should be filled if no root canal required. It is often noticed that RC is reqd for such tooth. Do your husband has diabetes or any other health issues then that has to be taken care of

You have mentioned dry socket, the appropriate treatment for that is use of local antibiotics and systemic analgesics. Kindly get a radiograph done and ask your dentist to irrigate and flush the area before inserting the local medication.

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