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  Until 2007 when I first began

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Until 2007 when I first began taking medication to treat headaches caused from a brain tumor, did I have any major tooth problems. But in 2009 when I started having seizures and had to begin anti-convulsant medication, did I have problems with my teeth. Although, My dental care began at age 6 when my gums reseeded and braces were required, never pulled a tooth due to undisolved roots, various oral surgeries to pull teeth to there appriate places.

PAST HISTORY : brain tumor, seizures, generalized secondary epilepsy, deginterative disk disease, chronic arthritis, both knees,

3 Answers

If I am not mistaken you mean to say that there are over retained remnants of deciduous teeth. These have not exfoliated till now. You should get them removed. Anti Convulsants drugs are known to cause enlargement of gums, which causes pockets formation therefore they should be excised and you should be able to maintain good oral hygiene. Please visit a Periodontist

Medication used for seizures can cause gum overgrowth (gingival hyperplasia), but now a days with advent of Lasers, the treatment modality as improved saving time and is an absolutely painless procedure.

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