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  This cold urticaria is there f

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This cold urticaria is there for almost one and a half years and i am taking 5mg cetrizine once in two to three days. And now even for ordinary water i am allergic. Rashes and mild itching is there. Is there any way for desensitisation?

PAST HISTORY : was diagnosed cold urticaria.
had sinusitis and complete nose blockage during cold weather

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You told me that you have urticaria since once year is just that your history or do you have some old history of allergy to,because allergy is one thing which will be a part of your immune system and this might come out later on but not so late and at least it can't be the first attack.
You can notice it by your self,watch your self closely what is the thing that you are allergic to(common things people are allergic are dust,some food article like some non veg dish,chlorine,some clothing usually non cotton clothes,there might be some medicines,many people are allergic to pets)so there be millions of things you might be allergic to, so that might be an expensive affair for you to get yourself tested.try noticing it by yourself what are you allergic to.
Once we know what you are allergic to then there are treatment options available for you.(till that time the only treatment options are to control allergy by giving drugs like antihistaminics like cetrizine and corticosteroids and mast cell stabilizer may be given)
Till that time following advices might be of some help
1)Try avoiding factors which i told you are the most common allergens
2)Don't be in a dehumidified envoirment
3)Wear cotton clothes
4)Do you get red eyes just after having a bath
5)Do you have any breathlessness
6)you can have cetrizine tablet one sos (as and when required),whenever your allergy is out of control
7)Use body moisturizers like venusia max to avoid any dryness
Try noticing it closely what are you allergic to

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