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Sir, Good Evening I am Prathap from Anantapur Dist. Iam watching in your programme at TV Channels Every day. Sir my problem is present my semen count is 15 millions. I am using Ayurveda Medicine Since 1 year 1.Vedic Musali capsulse 2) ojex fort Fort 3) Nevil 4) Grapovit 210Q and Laboob Kabeer, Rathna Purusha lehyams. I showing Doctors in Bellary dist Karnataka .My testicals are Normal range and functioning is good. all tests are showing ayurvedic doctor . He is telleing Anjiyo sporma. in last two months back my form count is 20 millions and November 2013 my form count is 27 millions but Active form (Motility) not "O" sir send me any solution for this problem.

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dear Pratap, your semen parameters are not clear. Next time you can send detailed report. As per your description what i have understood is your count is improving but motility is not improving. To improve your sperm motility there are several medicines available in ayurveda. after seeing your detailed semen report i will suggest them. Meanwhile i will suggest certain diet changes, please try to follow them.
1. Take Vit C containing diet regularly. Take 1-2 AMLA everyday.
2. Have ZINC contacting diet daily. Take Tab Zinco Vit daily
take milk and all seasonal fruits everyday.
send your fresh semen analysis report.
wishing you a speedy recovery

Dr Ranganadh

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