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  Male infertility: Semen analys

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Male infertility: Semen analysis report shows occasional dead and deformed spermatozoa seen is it azoospermia symptoms? and plz give me information regarding treatment

PAST HISTORY : Semen analysis report shows occasional dead and deformed spermatozoa seen

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Occasional dead or dying sperm can be sen in even normal report,that does not suggest azospermia.
There is a fixed ratio of normal motile sperm,dead dying or abnormal shaped non motile sperm so if your sperm count is more than 20 million and if more than 70 percent of them are mobile then you are ok.however normal count is 40 million.

Take following steps for increasing count
1)have a good diet,including fresh fruits and vegetables
2)avoid wearing tight underwear
3)don't keep laptop on your lap it can heat up your testicles to reduce sperm count
4)similarly even sitting on tank part of bike can also do the same,try and avoid it.
5)have plenty of vitamin c like oranges,lemon,aanvla
6)also have plenty of water
7)avoid smoking,alcohol
8)avoid doing excessive excercise
You can be prescribed with drugs after looking at your reports if you need it for increasing counts.

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