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  im 23 boy i doing masturbation

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im 23 boy i doing masturbation at teen age and i do masturbation one more than in day if do continue does it effect on my married life and fertility

1 Answers

dear there are many myths related to masturbation ,2-3 times a week is not harmful, if you are overdoing you may have psycological and physiological imbalance, low back pain ,thinninghair, testicular pain,brain is over drained due to which you may have trouble in concentration and memory

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dear Dr, i am a son with 28 years old.i was addicted to masturbation about 15 years cause of ocd(obsessive compulsive disorder).now i m in a quit,but some symptoms like depression,fatigue,wackiness still exist despite the use of some kind of anti depression medication like fluvoxamine,fluxetin,citalopram,maprotiline ... ,i want to ask about neurobion ampoule,is it useful to decrease the symptoms of masturbation?
1 Answer
Hi.. Im 24 yr old male. i have an habit of masturbation. i think in my school 8th class i did masturbation first time. After a year it became a habit for me. i’m very much ashamed of having this habit. After doing masturbation, I hate myself that I cant control it. I think to control doing next time, but finally again I do it. From that time to till now I cant stop this habit. So more or less I masturbate twice a week anyway and in rare cases thrice a week. Accidentally during my college time I watched some programs in tv saying that masturbation causes not able to do sexual intercourse with partner. It causes not able to give a baby after marriage. After seeing that type of programs I got very much afraid of my life. Before two years I did laser eye surgery. Before surgery they did all pre-test for me. Then they said that your nerves are weak so we need to do two more extra test. After that extra test doctor said that we can do the surgery there’s nothing problem regarding the nerve weakness. I Think may be its family gene problem having nerve weakness. Maybe your grandfather too could had nerve weakness in his life. And now after two years of eye surgery I didn’t face any problems. As doctor said my nerves are weak in my body from my small age.After masturbating all these days I feel my nerves got more weak than before. I don’t know whether it is due to masturbation.But nowadays after masturbation I get head pain back side sometimes and not everytime. Anyway I feel nerves are weak in my body.I’m afraid very much that I cant do sexual intercourse with my partner if I get married. I’m afraid that I cant make my wife pregnant after my marriage. Please help me can I make a baby with sexual intercourse after my marriage? Do I’ve to get any treatment regarding sexual or regarding my nerve weakness or do I’ve to check whether can I make a baby with good sexual intercourse??
2 Answers
How to regain fitness, after masturbation (started masturbation at the age of 15-16)few points regarding my appearance which I noticed : 1)under eye hollowness and dark circles 2)Skinny body3)Not able to gain weight and add muscle .Current weight 58 kg, current height 5.8 feet 4)Sometimes frequency of urination is high.5)Dull face (others always tell me are you sick)no natural brightness on the face.5)feeling embarrassed due to dull face, hollowed eyes, and skinny body. I have read through many blogs(they told masturbation is good for health, after all its a natural process, but its causing wrong effects on me.My friends also do it but they look different, as compared to me. ), how much time it is required to regain full fitness.I have stopped masturbation from last 2 months(sometimes have night falls). What precautions i need to take and what all things i need to do to regain my body fitness.
1 Answer
If we do lots of masturbation will it effect our height ?
1 Answer
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