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  Hi doctor i hope u will give m

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Hi doctor i hope u will give me the correct opinion as it is my personal question my problem is ,i had lost 4 teeth . so i am going to consult doctor .if the dentist suggest me for dental implant..is it a right choice and if yes i would be getting married does this dental implant surgery effect my married sex life...like reducing sperm count or not having child in future,as issue of having something foreign implanted in the body may get bacteria and viruses tend to target implants.setting up colonies around them, and that the immune system can’t fight as efficiently in that setting as it can elsewhere in the body. Or else you suggest me which is the best solution for my lost tooth replacement. Thanks

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Implants is the best option for replacing your missing teeth and it will not have any side effects on your reproductive system as the implants are made of biocompatible materials. Consult a qualified Implantologist for treatment.

The Implants were developed in 1950's and were restructured and modified since then with extensive research till new technologies will take over they are the best solution provided you can afford the cost which is cost effective in long run.About you other queries they are safe and are not health hazardous not related with sexual physiology so go ahead

Hello Dear
First of all just forget about any health hazards of dental implants on any of your body systems or body parts.
Dental Implants are the best replacement option for your teeth.
As you are young, you should go for Dental Implants only as in the long run they will save your bone which is most important for any prosthesis to function properly for long time.
You can ask any other thing if you wanna.

Have a wonderful married life buddy.

Implants are safe .Considering your age implants are a good choice for you

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