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  if a sperm fall daily what wil

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if a sperm fall daily what will be effect may occur in health?

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hello , i am having frequent hair fall and my hair circumference is reducing and getting thin . so i need to consult a physician , prescribing me androanagen tabs. i am suffering from hypothyroism . i am taking 75 mg of thyronorm daily empty stomach. what would you suggest me?

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Hi, Hair fall can have multiple causes out of which alopecia,patterned baldness,androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata,stress are among common causes. It seems that you have patterned baldness(seen commonly in males),now you can be prescribed with androanagen tablet once daily along with amexidil spray for about 4-6 months at least (but only after prescription by a dermatologist as it can have serious side effects). I can't prescribe any one without examination,and if you have some dandruff you ...
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Now I am 10 weeks pregnant and my doctor is saying that USG is showing that the foetus is 9 weeks old and no such limbs are seen in the foetus. Doctor advised to take Injection CORION 5000IU weekly and ARGIPREG Sachet -1 sachet daily with other regular Tablets like ASA 50(1 daily), SYSFOL PLUS (2tab daily) and DUBAGEST-200(1 daily). Doctor is suspecting the foetus is of poor growth and poor liquor. Doctor said to take Injection for 3 weeks and if any improvements are not found then, I have to discontinue my pregnancy, but I am not in a mood to take such decision. Please guide me if I can carry my pregnancy and what shall I do now?

  Doctor's Answer

your case is one of high risk pregnancy as you have had one previous still birth. If Baby has poor birth weight and leads to still birth ,then other causes of poor growth of baby in recurrent pregnancies needs to be evaluated.Please get your thyroid profile done,thrombophilia screen done as these are the most common causes of theses problems.also let me know whether the baby was normal in appearance in previous pregnancy and if any autopsy was suggested to you. inj corion and is given to suppo ...
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how can i stopping quick semen fall during intercourse its fall within 4 or 5 mint.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, I mentioned you the name of technique by which you can increase your time with her during sex,just read about it on internet. But that has to be practised with a lot of precision so many people are unable to just by reading that method and that is why i told you to visit a sexologist, and rest other two procedures i already explained it to you which you can easily understand. Rest drugs can't be prescribed without examining you and with you lasting time during sex you don't need drugs that ...
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i have no physical and health problem till date but now when i am masturbating theirs blood in my sperm and i feel no pain . it happens 2 times yesterday and today . what to do

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kindly consult urologist/andrologist for your complaint ...
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I want you to please guide me that which suppliment I should take. Actually I want myself to look healthy bcz I have a slim look. I want that type of suppliment that really gives me the best output. Don't care about the price of the suppliment, just suggest me that suppliment which would give me the best output and the effect of that suppliment should not fall down after 1 or 2 years. I want that suppliment whose effect lasts for a long time and once again I remind u that please don't care about the price. The suppliment should not have any side effect. And what should I do with this suplliment that I have bought today only this new one, should I take this or not??? And please suggest me the diet chart as well, what should be my diet in daily routine.

  Doctor's Answer

you should take your supplements post workout. start with a mass gainer (other than endura, you can take any eg: by muscletech, QNT, ultimate nutrition are the better ones). if you can not able to take the entire quantity of scoop size mention at one time, you can take half ofthe quantity mentioned twice. Sice you have recently started working out, do not take any creatine supplements or NO boosters. All of the mass gainers contain small amount of creatine though. Also ensure that the exercises ...
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