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  i used to drink alchohol 180 m

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i used to drink alchohol 180 ml per day for the past 6 yrs,ive left the habit for 4 months,but i hv mouth ulcers with respiratory problems

PAST HISTORY : diagnosed with fatty liver,having BP medicines,hv protein albuminuria in urine

1 Answers

Patient asked followup Question: 5 years ago

I used to get alergic sometimes with also little plum in the chest,if i drink very rarely i used to get more ulcer in my mouth.i completely stopped alchohol,but sometimes the situation is that i hv to consume in the party

Doctor answered : 5 years ago

Mouth ulcers can occur due to multiple causes, can be due to multivitamin deficiency. Add a multivitamin and consult. Respiratory problem is probably unrelated to it. Quit smoking if taking.

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