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  I had an abortion 7 weeks ago.

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I had an abortion 7 weeks ago. I have not been sexually active since the abortion so I know I am not pregnant. I also went back to the clinic two weeks later for an ultrasound and my uterus was clear and the abortion worked. I also took pregnancy tests all were negative. I have the implanon implant inserted in my arm. Now my question is I haven't gotten a period just brown spotting on and off nothing heavy. Should I be concerned I am spotting brown? Also should I get a period at all since I am on the implanon birth control? (I had it previously and never got a period with it(.

1 Answers

With implanon you aare likely to get menses like spotting or even no menses for considerable period of time. Please call on my mobile no. if u have any more questions. ********** or "whatsapp" me

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