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  hello Doctor im feeling very

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hello Doctor im feeling very low i have an addiction of musturbation since last 4 years i do it 4-5times a day now my condition is even i cant sleep without doing it i felt due to this my concentration power becomes nil, memory loss, everytime tiredness, premature ejeculation , depression etc... please help i never visited any doctor regarding this problem my weight is 65+ (in kgs) height 5.6''

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U r young neither fit for marriage nor can stay as a bachelor. U are in between devil and the sea. Burry all your knowledge about masturbation (false ideas) given by your friends and literature which are not scientific. Learn to face future irrespective of the results. Use of medicines to relax u are potentially addictive in nature.
Future can have better choice for u and the present may not be the worst. Time will heal as this temporary habit is not going to be a permanent associate with you.

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