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  Glycosylated sugar level 8.5 i

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Glycosylated sugar level 8.5 is good or bad

PAST HISTORY : Bp is 85/150.
Fasting sugar is 197 and after lunch is 226.
Glycosylated sugar is 8.5.
Cholesterol is 18.4.

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A patient has blood sugar level of 103 in fasting and 190 in post prandial , is it okey if I extract her tooth or do I postpon the treatment till both the values are normal?

  Doctor's Answer

you are asking this question as a dentist i guess although it shows here that the question is asked by a patient 59 yr old female... if you can monitor the blood glucose level under control and also check for any signs of excessive bleeding post extraction, it can be done ...
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hello what are the natural methods for reducing the blood sugar level....?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, However I am not sure about it but yes it is high in flavonoids, anthocyanin and other phytochemical so it might help in regulating the blood glucose levels because of it high antioxidant property. Feel free to ask more question. ...
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i need an extraction but they cant do it if my blood sugar is high,i am on medication for my liver and steriod for my mouth i recently have developed ulcers in my mouth next my wisdom tooth and is very painfull ,

  Doctor's Answer

Dear Patient Blood sugar is also related to stress levels so please try to relax and add multi vitamins containing Folic acid along with hexidine or Betadine mouth washes initially 2 times a day 1/2 an hour for a minute after meals for five days and then at night only ...
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Hello sir,I m taking nebistar 2.5one daily, from last ,1.5 year's,however recently I feel heavy eyes in morning then eyes start becoming dry and forehead heats up as office activities start.eyes feel strained if. I try to see fast moving objects or intense light.by lunch time eyes feel more strained and I start feeling giddiness.in afternoon after lunch I start yawning and eyes become wet and I feel better.however sometime this giddiness occurs anytime .I m fed up due to this.my sugar is normal.why it is happening?is it sideeffect of nebistar?please advice.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, Definitely the symptoms you have described could be due to the drug you are having(which can cause dizziness, insomnia, vertigo, nausea, nervousness, headache) or the problem could also be due to some digestion. Problems(acidity+some more problem) could also be due to lack of physical activity or some neurological problem(which I don't think right now that you are having.),with the history you gave me. You did not tell me about whether you are obese or not,if yes then you are recommended ...
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my grandfather is having sugar level 158 is it safe? earlier it was 307 then after two days it drop down to 232 and now it is 158? what should be an ideal diet.he is a three times a day coffee addict.he has been found cataract in his left eye.so going through phaco technique to resolve cataract is it safe.please guide me sir. -regards mayank

  Doctor's Answer

A diabetic patient has to keep a strict control over blood sugar before and after cataract surgery If his fasting blood sugar is below 140 and post prandial is below 200 ( on medications ) He can undergo phacoemulisfication cataract surgery ...
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