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  after taking unwanted 72 i got

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after taking unwanted 72 i got period earlier 15 days from my period date, that is 15th june then period start again at 30th june but next month i have no period at now. what is the reason?

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i had sex with my girlfriend on 20 dec 2012,after that i gave her a unwanted 72 pill,but her period came on 26 dec 2012,then her period again came on 9 january 2013, which is normal date of periodes in month,i want to know is it anything serious?

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Hi, Till now nothing seems to be alarming she is having her normal due period. You just have to ask her about the flow(during current period), number of days(of current period) and if any pain(with her period) accompanying her . If everything is normal,the way she has it every month then nothing seems to be alarming and if any of the above three thing are not normal then she should have a check up. Specially the pain and flow should be noticed. Feel free to ask more questions. ...
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I do sex with my boy friend on 27th of jan and i have taken mt pill within 40 hours. my period date is 16th of every month.but this month period still not started.can u please help me how to deal with that.

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Hi, The pill you have taken is wrong (it is used for causing abortion in females who have a confirmed pregnancy) and you had to take an emergency contraceptive within 72 hours and not the drug which causes abortion because you were not having pregnancy at that time and you din't want to have one also. And you should never have that( mt pill)drug by yourself as that can cause incomplete abortion which may lead to sepsis and is dangerous and not meant for self administration For now first of al ...
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i had sex with my husband last month on 11 march. he used condom but he felt that protection has failed so gave me unwanted 72. after 1 day on 13 march we again had sex. this time also he used condom but this time we both sure that there is nothing to wary so i didn't take unwanted 72. next day i was bleeding continuously for 3 days. my periods date was 4 march but still don't get my period. my pregnancy test was negative and i m taking pill to get my period. what to do pls help me

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, The day you must have finished your tablets for bringing periods,the periods will come around 5-10 days after the last day you had your tablets. Unwanted 72 is a hormonal drug and and it is not neccesary that it will disturb your cycle at one go,that depends from person to persons hormonal structure how your body reacts to those drugs but if taken plenty of times they can cause you hormonal imbalance and should be avoided as much as possible. ...
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my last period date was 10th April. This month period not happend till date.But, white discharge was there yesterday.I felt pain from last 2 days...what could be the reason??please can you help

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Hi, White discharge should be due to infection may be a yeast or fungal infection,but you don't have to worry it till the time it continues for 2 weeks or may be it is accompanied by rashes or itching in your perineal area or smell in urine. First you will have to do urine pregnancy test. Are you having any fever,or may be rashes,are you diabetic,or is the discharge very smelly,or problems in urine like burning or smell ? If yes then you will have to consult a doctor. ...
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Mam my wife last period came on 12th april2013. I have intercourse this month very much to conceieve baby.now today 23 may it has no period.in the past her period is very regular 28to 30 days.pregnency test on 15th may and19th may came negative.what should do.we are in trouble what to do.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi!! You can start tab endogest only if pregnancy test shows a healthy pregnancy and the location of the pregnancy is in the uterus( which can be visualised by ultrasound). It is all the more important for you to confirm pregnancy by the test as I advised earlier ...
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