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My father is 78 years old and has been suffering from constipation for the last 2 years. He has also lost a lot of weight around 10 kgs in this time span. In the last couple of months he has been complaining that his abdominal muscles have torn due to bowel straining and now he says there is loss of muscle in his stomach area. Which is why when he lies down everything is fine but when he sits up and walks around he feels like he is carrying a weight in his stomach. After intake of food it becomes worse and he also gets bloating. We have done all possible tests - colonoscopy, CT scan, ultrasound sometime last year and everything was clear. The doctors gave a verdict of idiopathic constipation and left it at that. His blood work is fine, haemoglobin levels, cholestrol etc. He still suffers from constipation. His prostrate is enlarged but results are fine. What is the solution to his stomach muscle problem ? Is it lack of exercise, lack of protein ? He doesnt have a pot belly and has never had and had always been physically active and fairly slender.

Hi, History told by you favours irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS ). There are two alarming signs in your case : Firstly, loss of weight and that to10kg approx. Secondly, sensation of carrying a weight in stomach. Both of them do occurs in IBS. But to be on safer side,I would suggest you to go for colonoscopy again because it was done 1 yr back and symptoms have aggravated few months back. Treatments available for IBS - - Increase the level of physical activity. - Have regular meals and take t ...

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My weight is 89 lbs, my age is 47 and I was prescribe Apo Amoxi (500 mg) 3 time a day for every 8 hours for 10 days. Do you think 1500Mg is too much for me, according to my weight. 

Hi, No even for your weight 500 mg dose can be given (prescribed). The prescribed dose is 20-40 mg/kg. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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had thyroid in childhood......while dieting consultant put me on two tablets for weight loss,,,,,Ebexid and Carnisure 500......after the diet plan i have stopped taking both the tablets......by periods have been delayed for 16 days now....can these two tablets be the reason for the same???

Hi, The first thing we want to rule out is whether or not you are pregnant,although there are many causes to missing periods but since you have history of thyroid and you have ruled that you can't be pregnant so i would recomend you to get a throid test. When was the last time when you got your throid test and if you got them recently then please attach the reports. There can be many more hormonal causes to it,and periods can be corrected by giving hormonal drugs which will cause withdrawl ble ...

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After diet control I could reduce my weight from 85kg to70kg. My normal weight should be 65kg medically.I recently suffered from Dengue & Typhoid. I have recovered now. I have developed dark circles below my eyes. My weight is now 85kg again. Can I go for Dieting again

Hi, One of the common reasons to dark circles is that if you don't sleep well or if you are taking to much stress, then you will have to improve that,then second common cause correctable cause is anemia if your haemoglobin level is low then you will also have to improve that to remove under eye circles. Otherwise you can have one capsule vitamin complex daily and also you can use under eye creams which are available under many brands including loreal and vlcc so you may use many if there none o ...

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i am seeking a fine dietician who can help me reduce my weight.I was a good 67 kgs with 171cm 3 years ago aftr my delivery last year i gained weight like crazy and now i am not able to shed it.my food cravings are high,eating habits have gone all bogus and now i am a good 95kg and i feel awful when i look at myself , i am losing my self confidence too.i have pain in my knee joints and i hear cracking sounds on my knee when i climb stairs and i know it is because of my weight issue :( i need a proper diet and exercise plan which you help me with a consistent reduction of weight and toning myself.please do help me to get over this nasty issue :(

Sample Diet Plan 5: 30 am (Preworkout meal): 1 fruit (any) (60-70 gms) (you can consume 1 banana also ) 5:45- 7:00 am (workout): Any form of workout that suits you for atleast 50 mins. 9:00- 9:30 am (Breakfast) 1 glass skimmed milk (200 ml)/ 1 cup low fat curd or yoghurt (150 gms) + Oats (15 grams, 2-3 tsp) or muesli (15 grams, 2-3 tsp) or any homemade non deep fried snack [eg:1 quarter plate poha/1 quarter plate upma/2 idli/2 small or 1 medium size dosa/2 appam/ 2 dhokla/dalia/multigrain bre ...

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Sir i am 21 year old i getting tired easily , i loss my weight and hair fall would be occure my hemogloabine level is 12.8 what is the problem plz tell me sir

your Hb is in lower range take foods rich in iron and calcium with supplements drink lots of water and fiber rich food exercise for relaxation sleep well without worrying ...

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Dr. Puneet Madan

  • General Physician
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  1048 Doc Points

Dr. Vrinda Goyal

  • Nutritionist
  •  Jaipur, India
  •  292 Doc Points

Dr. Gladson Uchil

  • ENT
  •  Bangalore, India
  •  241 Doc Points

Dr. Asmita Adsul

  • Accupuncturist
  •  Mumbai, India
  •  106 Doc Points

Dr. Deepak Verma

  • Internal Medicine
  •  Ghaziabad, India
  •  406 Doc Points

Dr. Alok Kalyani

  • Rheumatologist
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  454 Doc Points

Dr. Sanjay Pandey

  • Homeopathist
  •  Kolkata, India
  •  246 Doc Points

Dr. Jowin J William

  • Homeopathist
  •  Navi Mumbai, India
  •  122 Doc Points

Dr. Anand Prakash Rao Ghorpade

  • Psychiatrist
  •  Bangalore, India
  •  350 Doc Points

Dr. Niraj Mahajan

  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist
  •  Mumbai, India
  •  147 Doc Points

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