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I m having tooth ache can I take combiflam as I had an c section delivery on 27 dec 2012

Yes, for temporary symptomatic relief only. Toothaches are best taken care of by the Dentists so visit one immediately ...

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Hi, its my 34th week of pregnancy, I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetics and i am taking insulin everyday. right now my baby is weighing nearer to 2.6 kg and my Doc is suggesting delivery in the next week itself, due to the complications and since there is a single loop of cord around my baby's neck, can i get a suggestion regarding this, shall i go with what my Doc says?

Hi!! Usually in gestational diabetes if sugars are well controlled on insulin,I would suggest delivery by induction of labour between 37-38 weeks of pregnancy.Also,there should be no other complications in the pregnancy.Trial of labour is recommended if no associated complications and even if single loop of cord is present around the fetal neck. From your query it seems that the pregnancy is not associated with any other complications.You should discuss in detail with your obstetrician regarding ...

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hi I just delivered on 8/06/2013 n was blessed by a baby boy.my stiches have been dissolved but there is still sensitivity and also some times itchy I was given silverex ionic 2% gel silver nitrate can I still continue putting that any side effects also I had got constipated after 2 weeks after my delivery n because of the force that was put I have got cuts in my rectum because of which its difficult for to sit stand and even sleep at times.its been more then a week now.can u please sub crib something for the cut and pain I'm breast feeding also now I get motions properly but after that I get lots of pain. please help

Hi, Yes that is why i prescribed you with syrup lactulose so that you pass a litlle soft stools and if there is any fissure in rectum that gets time to heal up and yes that syrup is fine when you are lactating. But that should be taken for not more than seven days and also you should take high fiber rich diet. You can also be prescribed for local anaesthetic gel for local application around rectum area if the pain is so much but the syrup i prescribed should be more than enough. ...

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i am seeking a fine dietician who can help me reduce my weight.I was a good 67 kgs with 171cm 3 years ago aftr my delivery last year i gained weight like crazy and now i am not able to shed it.my food cravings are high,eating habits have gone all bogus and now i am a good 95kg and i feel awful when i look at myself , i am losing my self confidence too.i have pain in my knee joints and i hear cracking sounds on my knee when i climb stairs and i know it is because of my weight issue :( i need a proper diet and exercise plan which you help me with a consistent reduction of weight and toning myself.please do help me to get over this nasty issue :(

Sample Diet Plan 5: 30 am (Preworkout meal): 1 fruit (any) (60-70 gms) (you can consume 1 banana also ) 5:45- 7:00 am (workout): Any form of workout that suits you for atleast 50 mins. 9:00- 9:30 am (Breakfast) 1 glass skimmed milk (200 ml)/ 1 cup low fat curd or yoghurt (150 gms) + Oats (15 grams, 2-3 tsp) or muesli (15 grams, 2-3 tsp) or any homemade non deep fried snack [eg:1 quarter plate poha/1 quarter plate upma/2 idli/2 small or 1 medium size dosa/2 appam/ 2 dhokla/dalia/multigrain bre ...

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1.pls suggest exercise to remove single loop of cord around neck. 2.also suggest if loop around neck be removed during delivery

Hi, There is no excercise to remove cord around the neck. Yes the cord around the neck will be removed by the doctor doing your delivery. It is very difficult to say if it is loosened during labour because that depends upon position of baby and many more factors. You can otherwise roll on bed from right-left and left-right,that might be of some help. ...

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I am in my 23rd wk of pregnancy and got ultrasound report as "placenta posterior extending into the lower segment upto to the internal Os". is it serious? what should i do to go for normal delivery?

It is a case of Marginal Placenta Previa. Chances are that there will be painless bleeding P/V during 5th and 7th months. Consult your Obstetrician immediately in that case. You will need to take bed rest. Better go for C.S ...

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Hi I am suffering from severe hair loss especially after delivery. Almost 150-200 hair falls every day. Please suggest some good medicines. Also would like to know about Hairbless tab.. is it a good medicine? I am 31years old.

Anaya hair problems like fall greying itching dandruff are due to number of reasons including nutrition metabolic harmonal infections psychological huygenic etc. U Need combination therapy like ayurvedic medicine diet suppliment oils shampoo etc. I need ur detailed history investigation and previous medications details. I have very good ayurvedic medicines for ur problem. no side effects. for more information call or what's app me on this number : nine five three five four two zero seven seven ...

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