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Does eating late in the evening cause weight gain?

Hi, It is best not to have the largest meal of your day after 8 pm at night. The reason being is you will not use all the calories you have just consumed, some or most of it will be stored as fat. It is better to eat heavier meals earlier in the day where the calories will be used for activities during the day. If you overeat at any time of the day, you will gain weight. Feel free to ask more questions. ...

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Hi My name is Priya and i am a software professional. I am very thin . I eat regularly and good nutritious food. Rarely i take junk foods. But there is no sign of my weight increasing. What can be done to gain weight?

Hi, The easiest way to gain weight is to add calories to your diet. For every kg of weight gain you will have to add about 1500-2000 calories to your diet. Your diet must include at least three basic meals, and two snack meals, which should include high calorie diet, shakes, ice cream, butter, oil, cheese, dense potato, spreads and bread. If you are not gaining weight even after increasing your diet, then you should have a medical check up done to investigate the root cause.as there are many c ...

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Sir,My age is 22.My height is 5 3" and my weight is 48.Is there any possibilty to gain height and weight?Kindly give any advice to me to gain both.

Your weight is supposed to be around 55-57 kg with respect to your height.Thought there is no possibility to increase height but still you can improve weight with Ayurveda Medicines.Take 2 TSP of Ashwadandha lehyam twice daily>You can expect 2-3 kg per month.Use for desirable months. ...

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I m 20 year old girl i was very fair but now a days i m getting and darker and thin also please suggest some medicine for my discoloration and gain weight

See some good homoeopathic cosmetologist around. Till then start basic skin care daily.drink 3-4 lit. Water daily. Kalp clinic homoeopathy & cosmetology clinic ...

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I m 20 year old girl i was very fair but now a days i m getting and darker and thin also please suggest some medicine for my discoloration and gain weight

Dear MInha, we need to understand the reason behind your weight gain, but I think in your age group we can suspect either your life style or thyroid problem. So, Please see to it that you go for a good amount of exercise & better food habits. Yet If you feel that you need medicine Homeopathy is having a real good results in weight reductions. Can Contact homeopath around you or can contact me at my clinic or online treatment center: www.**url** . Let me know for any further assistance Dr.Parth m ...

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my daughter is 14months old and weighs 8.2 kgs. here appetite is very poor.kindly advice some medicine for her weight gain.

There is no medicine for weight gain You need to just give proper diet You can add some multivits like visyneral z ...

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Sir, Im a male of 26 yrs. Weight is 50 only even my hight is 6.40 It looks very very thin . I wanna gain weight and wanna be healthy, so is there any advise for me to gain weight and health.some body told me to use dexona & practin .is it is safe for me

No,use of dexona & practin is not safe & not advisable with proper indications, you can increase your weight with natural protein intake with cardio exercise like running/jogging,skipping. ...

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Dr. Puneet Madan

  • General Physician
  •  New Delhi, India
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Dr. Vrinda Goyal

  • Nutritionist
  •  Jaipur, India
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Dr. Deepak Verma

  • Internal Medicine
  •  Ghaziabad, India
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Dr. Parth Mankad

  • Homeopathist
  •  Ahmedabad, India
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Dr. Sanjay Pandey

  • Homeopathist
  •  Kolkata, India
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  • Internal Medicine
  •  Amalapuram, India
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Dr. Kinjal Shah

  • Homeopathist
  •  Mumbai, India
  •  123 Doc Points

Dr. Venugopal Rao Tatikonda

  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  •  Hyderabad, India
  •  140 Doc Points

Dr. Vidyut Bhatia

  • Pediatrician
  •  Noida, India
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Dr. Swapnil Mate

  • Physiotherapist
  •  Mumbai, India
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