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  what is the use of clomipure 5

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what is the use of clomipure 50 and its side effects

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I have been taking Oxirute CD tablets one in the morning and one in the evening daily for almost 20 days. Can this tablet be taken for a very long time. Does it have any side effects. I am suffering from cronic fissures and movement my tools become hard I get severe pains, burning. I consume alcohol every night before dinner. Please advice how to get rid of Fissures permnently. I also take Laxitol solutions every day since more than 3 months. Does this also have any side effects.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, I think you did spell the drug correctly,it should have been oxerute cd. The drug should not be taken for than 2 weeks or may be you have already taken it for 20 days so now you should stop taking it any further. Yes it has can have many side effects,specially in patients who are hypertensive. You have to treat constipation in a more natural way,person who has fissures usually repeatedly devlops fissures. Natural methods for treatment of constipation 1)avoid alcohol,specially empty stomach ...
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I am 7 weeks pregnant and have taken meprate 10 mg for 5 days thrice daily thinking I am suffering from PCOS. I didn't have my periods since nov'12. I did an ultrasound and everything is normal in that. I didn't got bleeding as well since I was pregnant. I am hearing mixed opinions about side effects of meprate on foetus. Can you suggest, can I go ahead with my pregnancy, is there an complications attached...

  Doctor's Answer

Hi!! Meprate ( medroxyprogesterome acetate) is safe if taken accidentally in pregnancy.It is norethindrone( norethisterone ) that has harmful effects of genital organs of the female fetus. Also,fetal genital organs are affected between 7-9 weeks of pregnancy. There is no method to know that fetus does not have any congenital malformations.Even ultrasound cannot pick up many congenital malformations which may be due to various reasons ...
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I want to know side effects of corex cough syrup if one is taking it for 4-5 years? Effect of corex on blood pressure? How to remove effects of corex from body and how long it will take?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, It depends in what quantities the drug is taken by you because if taken in small quantities and if you have normal health then you body should not have many side effects of the drug,if taken in extremely high quantities can cause short term memory loss, sleeplessness, tremors and spasms,muscular pains and dehydration are other common side-effects. It can also cause addiction. Long term abuse leads to kidney damage or constipation. Hypertension can be caused due to kidney damage,stop corex s ...
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i had endocymetric cyst found in the left ovary of my ovary it is 8 mm long and im using homeopathy me dicine for that is it curable i want answers as im 33 yrs old and want to have pregnancy soon please help me my mensuntrational cycle is regular and normal bleeding

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Consult a homeopathic physician in ur city with confidence ...
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what are the best alternative to szetalo 10 without side effects

  Doctor's Answer

Yoga,self confidence,homoeopahy ...
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