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  what is panderm plus cream and

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what is panderm plus cream and his side effects and benefits

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Doctor, I applied a skin shine cream by cadila on my face for two days and on third day i notice red rashes and skin peeling please suggest me what should i do to ease my rashes and skin peeling? And please suggest me a good cream for my acne marks. Thank you.

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You have use sun screen lotion which is having SPA 50 ...
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honourable doctor good morning . I am Shiv from UP(India) I am 16 years old 12 years ago, I was injured so during that time 24 stitch marks were putted in my chick. For removing this stitch marks ,which cream or capsules is most suitable and which cream I will have to use

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NO CREAM or capsule can help now ...
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Dr. Rajendra Prasath A

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Dr. HARSH Amin

  • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon
  •  Ahmedabad, India
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Hello Mam, I am 25 and my inner tighs and vaginal area are very dark in color. I have consulted doctor about the dark color of inner tighs and she suggested me to use SPARKEL cream (hydroquinone, tretinoin and mometasone furote cream). I am using it from past 1 week and sometimes when the skin peel off it burns. I use the same cream at night. Suggest me some cream that can be applied during the day time to avoid the pain caused by the cream. Can I use it on my vagina too?? Or Is there any other cream available which I can use on my vaginal area to improve the color? Apart from it I want to increase my breast size. Kindly suggest me some cream or oil/lotion that can help me in the same.
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My daughter has problems of closing her eyes for seconds during which she goes blank. She has these problems since 5-6 years. She lived normal life till now. She is 24 and maried. In 2012 MRI was done but it was normal. A neurologist diagnose it as a case of epilepsi and prescribed Levipil 500 once in night. She is taking since March with improvement. When she misses dose, the problem rises. Their in laws are worried about side effects of Levipil 500. Can she live normal life with use of Levipil or can she do without medicine. As the medicine may have side effects like pregnancy problem and mood disorder and slow mental activity. Is there safe alternative to levipil for this problem if the medicine is absolutely essential. Can this disease be managed by natural supplements and life style. Neurologist says that in case of stress, tension and sleeplessness this problem rises. Is it true. Then this can be managed. May this drug cure this problem in some time without side effects. Please help in replying my queries in detail.
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Hello sir my name bhautik and on my skin many pempol i use meglow fairness screm this cream is safe or not?? Any side effect?? plzz suggest me any good cream for my skin ans what i do?
1 Answer
Skin shine cream.(hydro quinine; tretinon& mometasone furoate cream) Cadila pharmaceuticals ltd. She koi side ifecats to nhi hoga
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