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  what is panderm plus cream and

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what is panderm plus cream and his side effects and benefits

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honourable doctor good morning . I am Shiv from UP(India) I am 16 years old 12 years ago, I was injured so during that time 24 stitch marks were putted in my chick. For removing this stitch marks ,which cream or capsules is most suitable and which cream I will have to use

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NO CREAM or capsule can help now ...
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Hi sir in my face marks are there i show to doctor he suggest aloedrem F cream . But i have one confusion it is really work or not because next week my engagement is there so... Please how to use and its useful for me plz confirm..

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Hi sir...my skin tone is dark so I am start using skin shine cream cadila.... So it has any harmful effects on skin..... I had see on Google that it causes cancer... So this news is true?? Plz help me and suggest how to use cream.... And i have also pimples on my face.... Thank you.

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Dear Raveena, you should not use prescription creams without a dermatologist's guidance. If you use medicated creams without appropriate oversight, you run the risk of a lot of skin side effects that can take years to go away. Please do book an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible. ...
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I have used panderm plus cream for 1year Now that product banned Now my face became darker n redness What should I do now sir??

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Unfortunately, you do need to see a dermatologist to treat your issue. Without seeing your skin, no one can guide you appropriately or safely. Do book an appointment with a dermatologist, or you can book an online consultation with me at *********@*****.com ...
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Hai doctor iam maneesha.. on my face there was many pimples bt comparing my past now it is less now 1 or 2 pimples will come one after and the marks remains there itself i consulted many doctors i don't know how many that many i consulted that all decreased but the mark which make face dark... doctor can you please help me by giveng simple remedies for marks

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Maneesha I prefer herbal ayurvedic treatment for u. Herbal cosmetics are safer than chemicals .for simple marks home remedy works. U Need proper treatment for u r problem. We have very good medicines and cosmetic for u r problem. For more information call or what's app me on this number nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. ...
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