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  Slogans for Prevention of Anem

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Slogans for Prevention of Anemia

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Any Ayurvedic Medicians For Aplastic Anemia

  Doctor's Answer

Hi Yes there are medications for Aplastic anemia. ...
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recently got my blood test done,doctor said..thyroid is found..t3 and t4 are normal TSH is 10.28.. help me down to find out the ways to cure it ..thanks! asap PREVENTION?????

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, The diffirence in two lab reports is to much and yes i would also say you to go for a third confirmation test,may be you may go for test right now or may be you can go after a week or two and wait to start for medicines till the time the test third report comes. ...
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Given my medical history of Hypertension, anemia, and borderline diabetes, is it good to have a tbsp of sharkeferol tonic every night?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, Unless you have micronutient deficiencies only then you can take them daily otherwise you should avoid to take them daily. For anemeia you take iron in syrup or tablet form. ...
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