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  n regarding "pet kamer h

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n regarding "pet kamer hips kam karne ke nuskhe" ...my hip is so fat plz answer me nd tolk me solutoin

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hi. i am 31 weeks pregnant. i had loose motions (diarrhoea), so i took one capsule of eldoper (loperamide hydrochloride 2mg) last night. i am really concerned if that effects foetus. Please answer. i would be grateful to you. thank you

  Doctor's Answer

Hi!! loperamide is a drug not recommended in pregnancy ( esp in early pregnancy),but if one dose is taken it does not justify termination of pregnancy or any additional monitoring of the fetus.So ,don't take any other doses of loperamide . Also loperamide should be avoided during breast feeding. ...
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i have l5 s1 disk problem.i had pain in my right leg and hips for past 1 month. but now i have no pain in my right leg and hips. can i go back to my sports activities or should i wait more ?

  Doctor's Answer

Start slowly the activities and check the pain. Get training from sports physiotherapist if posible ...
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i've done a test for microsomal (Tpo) antibody titre, serum by cmia & the observe value is 635.56 my tsh is also high and having node in the neck and in right axilla ( underarm ). What does this means ? What disease i am suffering from i need to no ? My family say nothing happen. They also say i am not having any problem. Pls answer me

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, Microsomal (tpo) levels are usually seen to look for autoimmune antibodies against your own thyroid. Yes your the test is positive and values are quite high which can have many causes out of which nodular goitre can have high probability because you are having thyroid problems as well. Now the thyroid nodules are usually slow growing nodules in which malignancy have to be ruled out first, and then next line is whether they are obstructing your airway or not. If not then it is just the med ...
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when iam using Tab rosutec-10 mg along with High blood pressure medication i am getting giddiness.is it with tablet rosutec or any other problem?pl answer

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, If you have newly been prescribed with drug rosutec then there are quite a few chance of it causing you giddiness.as it can have side effects like this initially.Usually any drug that alters the metabolism of your body like anti hypertensives,anti diabetic agents,anti lipidemic drugs can take time to settle with your body. Other side effects are like headache,drowsiness,abdominal pain,chest pain, and sweating. Other wise there can be a number of causes to giddiness do you have any other pr ...
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i am pregnant from 40 days. so i bought mankind abortion kit from an medicine store. but i dont know know how to use and step by step method. kindly answer me how to use?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, You should not use abortion kit with out any doctors consultation and examination and proper investigation,because if there will be any miss calculation in your dates or if you have periods which can be delayed at times then there might be a large pregnancy that can cause excessive bleeding which can be serious. Sorry i can't advice you. ...
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