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  my dog is 56 days pregnant

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my dog is 56 days pregnant

PAST HISTORY : my dog is 56 days pregnant

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I am 23 weeks pregnant. I have been taking Deriphyllin Retard 150 twice a day morning and at night. My doctor has prescribed to take it for 15 days. M worried if affects my baby. Please advice.

  Doctor's Answer

Hello, The medications ( Deriphyllin & Foracort 200) you are taking are either generally accepted as safe during pregnancy or their safety during pregnancy has not been established. Whenever medications are prescribed during pregnancy, patients and their doctors have to decide whether the benefits of the drugs outweigh the potential risks. If you have asthma, it could actually be riskier to NOT use your inhalers. It is generally safer for pregnant asthmatics to use their asthma medications tha ...
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Hi i am 23 days pregnant, Confirmed after blood HCG test. Consulted doctor, she prescribed Mankind's Unwanted Kit. She told to use it as per instruction ..I read the manual its written to take 4-misoprostol tablets after 1-3 days of taking the mifepristone tablet. Its mentioned to take Misoprostol Vaginally. As my pregnancy is only 23 days i don't want to take misoprostol vaginally..rather i want to take it orally. Can i take Mankind Brand's Unwanted Kit's Misoprostol dose orally in my case. If not mankinds any other good brands..cipla, sun alternative for using misoprostol orally. S. Dey. Age-25, Weight 49, Hgeight 5 ft.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, The time gap is same whether drug (misoprostol)taken orally or vaginally.the drug whether taken orally or vaginally it is to be taken 2+2,you will take the first dose after 24 hours of mifepristone and then after 12 hours rest of the 2 tablets. But these drugs will be useful only if the pregnancy is intrauterine. Hope you have confirmed that. Yes it is possible that some products of conception are retained even after drugs and that can be confirmed only after an ultrasound,which is to be d ...
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i took two i-pills(birth control pills) on consecutive days. my periods are delayed by almost 18 days. i also have abdominal pain and i vomited once. does this mean that i am pregnant ?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, That is good that you had your periods and would only recommend you one thing that avoid emergency contraceptive. ...
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I have not had my period since 37 days, usually i will get in 28 days alone, I am having a weird feeling if i am pregnant. I am newly married looking for a job and not interested in having a baby now. What should i do?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi You can miss your period due to stress,but the situation you described me does nit seem to be extremely stressful.those situations are life threatening ones. Eating papaya and getting your periods might be a matter of chance but it has nothing to fo otherwise. I will suggest you o get your tests done and everything should be fine. The other causes can be hormonal,and medical which might include many causes but get the basic tests first then you think ahead ...
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i had my last periods on 20th jan 2013 ,which went on for 5 days.After that till april15th 2013 i did not get my periods , so i consulted a gynaecologist , who did a pregnancy test ,which turned out to be negative. SO she prescribed me Cycloreg for 5 days , 3 times a day. i took all the tablets till 19th APril 2013, and still i did not get periods till 29th april.SO i again consulted my doctor ,n this time pregnancy test was positive . My Antenatal ultrasound shows i am 4-5 weeks pregnant now my question is - what are the effects of cycloreg on the baby.SHould i terminate or continue with pregnancy??

  Doctor's Answer

Hi!! As you have said,on a scale of 1 to 10,chances that fetus is affected are 1 out of 10. Also, it is quite likely that the fetus is not affected at all. Whether the chances are that that this is curable or not depends upon the extent of the problem. ...
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