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  my 3 year old son, wt 19 kg, h

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my 3 year old son, wt 19 kg, had recurrent cough .Doctor has put on budesal 0.6m twice daily for 1 mnths and subsequent month budesal and livolin. I have completed 10 days of budesal treatment.Boy is perfectly ok .doctor say to continue for diagosis of child asthma or alergic cough. second opinion of another doctor say that his x ray show grade 1 adenoids. but treatment same wd adition of l montus. i am relutant to give budesal for 2 month and want tp keep it , when required basis. please advise ..

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Samshi, your child has asthmatic attack,and because of that he has responded to brochodilator inhalation.
now if he is proved to have allergic to some kind of allergens,then there are some drugs which do help to prevent further attacks of brochospasm.

Continue Budesal as advised, as the course is 2 months. If you stop it and make it as and when, effect will not be optimal. Also consider starting Montair tablets or satchet 4 mg for 2 to 3 weeks (depending on symptoms) time.


Dr.Monish J.Thomas

Budesal is the " preventer"(anti-inflammatory) medication in order to prevent further exacerbations.
It is advisable to continue for atleast 4 weeks , even if symptoms are relieved.
You need not worry as inhaled steroid (budesal) at low dose will not have as much systemic adverse effects like oral steroids.
Do get your son to rinse his mouth after use of inhaler to avoid fungal infection/thrush.
Levolin is the "reliever" medication -- you can use whenever required.
Since your son is well (asymptomatic), adding monelukast may not be necessary at this juncture.
Avoid allergens like dust, pets and anyone smoking at home.
Asthma is common and many children do quite well on taking few precautions.

If a diagnosis of Mild Persistent Asthma has been made, You need to continue Budecort for a period of 3-6 months. Rather than Budesal which is a combination, use only Budecort. Budecort is for prevention and there is little use of it on when required basis.

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