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  is likoria is harmful during p

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is likoria is harmful during pregnancy

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Hello doctor! I am Mrs xyz in my second month of pregnancy.I am weighing 95 kg .My obstetrician has advised me against further weight gain in this pregnancy and has also told me that obesity affects pregnancy adversely.what should I do since I am 33 years of age and have conceived with great difficuly?

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Dear Mrs xyz Firstly you need to tell me whether you have conceived on your own or after taking medications( asissted conception) Secondly,you need to tell me how much weight you have gained in the last 2 month. Your obstetrician has rightly advised you against gaining too much of weight in this pregnancy.It is not advised that you lose weight in this pregnancy or follow any such diet which leads to weight loss. Obesity leads to chances of early miscarriage,preterm labour,baby growing too big o ...
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Is there any chance of pregnancy? How will I know that postpone 72 has worked or not? We don't want pregnancy now. What should I do? Please advice.

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Hi, Yes, Postpone 72 is not 100 percent effective and it can cause a pregnancy in a few people. You will get to know about its effectiveness only after your next periods,though you might have a withdrawal bleeding or you might not have it . Pregnancy can only be confirmed after your next normal periods. If your next periods are normal with same flow and last for same number of days then you should be safe enough(confirmed) that you don't have a pregnancy. There can be a pregnancy after even h ...
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I need to abort my 3 to 4 weeks old pregnancy. I have tested my urine wait the pregnancy test tube (HCG test tube). It gave me a positive pregnancy result. Now i wish to abort it at home. I do not wish to go to the hospital and am not economically well too. hence please guide me with the quick abortion in a simple way.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi!! Pregnancy cannot be less tahn 4 weeks as it is always counted from the day of the last menstrual period,so your pregnancy should be calculated accordingly.Also,termination of pregnancy ,is not such a simple procedure, so kindly consult a gynaecologist,get an ultrasound done for early pregnancy to calculate the exact size of the pregnancy,blood group and haemoglobin done. Taking over the counter medications cause more harm and may even be life threatening,so kindly refrain without proper pre ...
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My wife just felt a blood clot in her stool..she is going through her fourth month of pregnancy.. I need an expert advice on this on urgenr basis as it is only digestion related problem or it is connected to her pregnancy too ? Please revert with the required answer and the way forward asap !!

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, There are never clots in stools due to digestion problems,and the clots might be coming from vagina which she might be confusing that blood is coming from her anus. As clots in stools are also not very common. I would advice you to go for an ultrasound again for fetal well being,or to confirm it first that blood clots again come from stools if that is so then i would tell you for more tests like stool microscopic examination or more tests might be needed to be done. Is she having any fever ...
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i am whaeatish in complexion but with continous sun exposure i am tanned a lot on my face, arms, back ,neck..i dint care for 10 years but now i realize i look very dark and also my chin and forehead is darker than the rest of my face.what to I do, will chemical peel work for me. Is it harmful

  Doctor's Answer

Hello, No Chemical Peels are not harmful if done by a Dermatologist. Peels are also being done by untrained people and these can be harmful, e.g in beauty parlours, and these are not recommended. Peels can produce a marked improvement in skin pigmentation and tanning. There are various types of peels and it usually takes 4-6 sessions to see a noticeable improvement. Sessions are done at 2-3 weekly intervals. Along with peeling other measures like sun protection are a must. A Dermatologist wil ...
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