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  I woke up this morning and one

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I woke up this morning and one of my teeth that I had a root canal done on years ago felt 'exposed' in the back by where my tongue is. The gum has always been a little higher there after the accident but this is more than usual. I got a mirror and looked and it looks like there's a hole in my gum behind that tooth. The gums that are there are above the hole are swollen. It doesn't really hurt unless I push on the swollen gingiva with my tongue. What should I do?

PAST HISTORY : in 2001 I got hit in the face with a golf club. Lost three teeth - had them put back in by an oral surgeon. A few months later i had abscesses in two of them and subsequently had root canals.

2 Answers

Your gums have migrated from their normal position pathologically may be due to food lodgement and improper oral hygiene resulting in swelling and pus formation, you will need to visit a dentist who will evaluate, prescribe medicines and may be do scaling polishing and suggest means to close the inter dental gaps.

Consult your dentist and get a tooth x-ray done to learn the nature of problem.

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