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  i have regularly having irrita

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i have regularly having irritation in the testes and in both legs like straining. whats is the problem?which specialist should i consult? is this leading me towards infertility?

PAST HISTORY : semen analysis:
color:light grey
liquifaction time:30 min
reaction :alk

miroscoic examination:
sperm count:109million/ml
active motility:45percent
sluggish:25 percent
additional findings:us cells1-3/hpf

also my test testicle is diagnosed with slight form varicose..

3 Answers


The irritation you have can be a simple bacyerial infection(are you speaking about itching ?) due to which there might be irritation in testes for this you may consult dermatolgist.
Where are you having this straining problem in legs is this you face after heavy excercise or due to any injury or otherwise,please describe the location like knees or may be legs or may be thigh ?

Patient asked followup Question: 4 years ago

hi doc, i am having the strain in the scrotum and in legs,specifically at knees and to the below and even under both foots. and this straining is persisting,it never goes from me whatever i do like walking,exercising or resting. its with me,


You should get your complete blood tests done specially like sugar fasting adn pp and complete blod count,lipid profile,thyroid function test and also urine routine and microscopy for now,if all these come to be normal then further investigation would have to be done.
You can have a tablet of vitamin complex once daily for 4 weeks.

Patient asked followup Question: 4 years ago

hi, thank you doc. i wish to do that all that on the prescription of a doc. can you tell me which specialist should i consult?


Yes you can consult an md medicine for these complaints and if anything specific he might also refer you to a md dermatologist.

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