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  I have a pulse above my belly

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I have a pulse above my belly button, is this normal?

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i am having a normal ecg and my echo test comes normal , but i am having a continuous chest pain . my endoscopy result specify me that i am having a antral gastritis. please let me know what can i do further

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Hi, Antral gastritis common causes is Bacterial ( h pylori ). Then there are more infective cause which are a little less common (viral,tuberculosis) . Smoking,alcoholic,excessive drug intake might be other causes as well,or due to any foreign body intake. I would advice you - Abstinence from alcohol, - Abstinence from smoking(if you are having it), - Don't stress your self with excess workload or responsibilities if you think you have too much of responsibility; try and share that a littl ...
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I can feel a pulse in the left side of my head and it hurts. Since last week, when I reached orgasm as I masturbated, I was able to feel a pulse in my head. It occurred during orgasm and soon after my head started hurting and since then this pulsation in the left side of my head persists and it hurts. Also, last night as I went to sleep, I could tell parts of my head was going num.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, No , migraine does not damage your brain or cognitive skills. You might go for having an nsaids for your pain in neck,a muscle relaxant and can also use a collar for that pain. If it increases a lot,you may visit an orthopaedician. Feel free to ask further questions. ...
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I had laparascopic surgery for endometriosis over 3 years ago. What I thought was two black dots from old stitches in my belly button, turned out to be both scabs. I can squeeze a good amt of pus out of each hole. I haven't been able to get pregnant since the surgery. Could my abdomen be infected or is just the belly button. The holes never closed.

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Hi, You should get in touch with your obg/gyn and you should be able to conceive,as you have not mentioned about any reason which says that you will not be able to conceive. ...
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hi, I am 26 year old male.My heart pulse rate is 100 bpm at rest, blood pressure range from 120-136/80-90, when high blood pressure I have pain behind eye and headache. I also feel chest tightness sometime. when I walk or do physical activity I can feel slight breath. From recent blood work my chelostorel is 245. what could be the problem?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, You should try to lower it right now with diet first for 3-4 months. If no effects are seen then you may go on with drugs for this(raised cholesterol). Your blood pressure is not high otherwise it is just a little raised for your age. As soon as your cholesterol comes down your b.p will also reduce. If you have chest tightness,it can also be due to allergy(asthma). If you want to go for further test there are many tests but for now probably ECG is enough for you. if that is normal you don ...
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Since two days my foreskin got struck back exposing my glans during an intercourse try.This i am experiencing for the first time as usually it becomes normal after masturbating.It is very discomfort causing pain and irritation in contact with clothes.How to get it back in place? Is this normal and safe leaving it so because i am scared of rashes and infection or do i visit a doctor?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, Yes the condition can get very serious and can be told only after examination and you just can't wait for so long,even if the hospital is far contact your freinds or family whom so ever might be there to help you. You have to rush to a hospital, in which ever state you are there are private as well as goverment run hospiatls. This condition cant be treated on phone or mail,this is serious. You have to see a genral surgeon(ms) ...
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