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  i have a history of 6 yrs of P

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i have a history of 6 yrs of PCOS with high levels of Serum Prolactin around 94-120. my height is 5.6 ft & weight 65kgs. i have hyper pigmentation patches on cheeks due to hormonal problem. i had concieved a healthy baby in year 2011 after my marriage which I aborted medically due to personal reasons. last year i concieved a tubal ectopic pregnancy which unknowingly ruptured in fallopian tube and had to be operated in emergency. now i want to plan a baby. Plz suggest some ayurvedic medicine for PCOS and fertility as Im tired of taking allopathic medicine like cabergolin with only temporary relief.

PAST HISTORY : PCOS history of 6yrs. One medical abortion & one tubal ectopic pregnancy which ruptured left fallopian tube. my height is 5.6 inch & weight 65kgs. dark patches on face skin due to hormonal disbalance. Serum prolactin was as high as 120 in last blood test. want to plan pregnancy but no results till now. plz suggest ayurvedic medicine. i work out in gym 4 days in a week approx.

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There are excellent treatments for both PCOS and also for tubal block if any.I initially suggest you to use Ashokarista 30 ml with 1/2 cup water 1 hr after food twice daily

Drakshadi kashayam, Sukumaram Kashayam, Sapthasaram Kashayam for 3 month .

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