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  I feel i am a sex addict...i n

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I feel i am a sex addict...i need to remove it from my side....kindly help..any medicines available to remove sex addiction?

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There are a very few people who actually know that they are addicts to sex,and want to leave it voluntarily by themselves.
Non medical ways to leave sex
1)try indulging in other activities like sports or any of your other hobbies
2)try doing every morning yoga
3)try getting away from pornographic material in any form
4)try making more friends in same sex
5)do regular physical work out
6)try reading books(may be some literature or some kind of religious books)
7)avoid staying alone for a few days
8)avoid wearing clothes in which there is an easy access to your private parts
9If you are married ask your partner to support you visit a psychiatrist
Medical ways to leave sex
1)you may visit a psychiatrist for a few counselling sessions and then he may prescribe you with drugs if he thinks it right after examining you.

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