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  how to get hair on bald area

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how to get hair on bald area

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will minfore work on bald area

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Hi, I am not familiar with minfore? Is it a tablet or lotion? What are the ingredients? ...
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I have a very itchy scalp and facing a lot of hair fall problem.. I don't know wat this is.. :( my hair has thinned too much and I am worried I will lose them too.. :( please help me.. I can give u a picture of what I get when I comb my hair..

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Hi, Since you have had sinus operation then there are more chances of you being allergic,so if you are then try to avoid such drugs and shampoos and we would give ani allergic drugs and some hair nourishing drugs might also be given. ...
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Sir,i am 26yrs old female..i am suffering from hair problems like hair fall,dandruff,breakage of hair..what can i do for thi problem n plz provide solutions for hair regrowth..

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hi Hima, Yes, there is very good medicine and treatment available in Ayurveda for preventing hair fall, dandruff and breakage. It could also be due to other problems that you are seeing an impact on your hair. If you want to do in person consultation in Bangalore , you can visit me or we can do online consultation. Please call on ********** for appointments. Regards Dr. Chetali Samant's office. ...
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My problem is abt too much hair fall I found no hair in front corner of my head. Pl help me. I loss my hair day by day. My ayurvedic Doctor has told me to take hair blees tablets.

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I'm 22 ...I have hair loss no dandruff no scalp infections..could you please help me to stop my hair loss and regrow new hair Thanks

  Doctor's Answer

Icrease protein intake n iron rich food in ur diet coz in females common reason of hairfall is deficiency.. ...
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