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  hii doctor...iam having this a

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hii doctor...iam having this addiction to womans clothes and accesories for a long time. now iam not able to focus on anything since iam not able to fulfill the desire for my addiction...iam having concerns if iam having any harmonal issues...so, what should i do...should i consult a psychiatrist or harmones doctor...and please tell me how to control my addiction, so i can focus on more important things...


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Thank you for your question.
As I understand you are a man who is addicted to wearing woman's clothing and accessories. This can be a part of a disorder known as Paraphilic disorders or more specifically transvestism. If this habit gives you sexual arousal then it is paraphilia otherwise it can be another disorder known as GID.
You should consult a psychiatrist for successful treatment of your problem.

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