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  Good morning Sir. I am curr

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Good morning Sir. I am currently looking for a Doctor who performs the Basal Implant procedure. I currently have seen two dentists and each says the is little bone and required bone grafting would be required. After reading about the procedure and it's favorability in my case I was hoping to find a comfortable , knowledgeable practice to attend.

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Dear Mam,
You can get it done anywhere, even in India. You can plan for a Dental Tour and easily get it done at a pocket friendly price.

Patient asked followup Question: 3 years ago

Thank-you for your supportive answer. The implants may not even have to be BOI . May I send a few xrays to you for an idea of treatment. I would be coming from a great distance and would like an idea of treatment protocol and pocket expenses. Regards Emily Meyer

Patient asked followup Question: 3 years ago

I am not interested in the tourist part of the journey as I frequently visit amazing India for volunteer work. Again Kindest regards,

Dear Emily Meyer,
It would be my pleasure to take your case. Kindly send your X-rays at *********@*****.com Afetr that only I can decide about the treatment protocol and related treatment cost.


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