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  good evening doctor ! my son i

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good evening doctor ! my son is 11 yr old, studying in 5th std. he keeps getting a cold intermittently. it is characterised by sudden sneezing fits, esp in the morning. i am prone to asthma but only sometimes. pls suggest a permanent remedy or precaution for his cold. his cold also appears to be allergic,

2 Answers

some children are prone for seasonal weather changes, and sneezing can be a symptom for his allergic type.
if the child has runny nose, a nasal decongestion Otrivin nasal drops 1 drop Both nostrils , is helpful.
Since parent is having episodic asthama, child may be investigated for the same using PEFR at any pediatric hospital.
recurrant cold can be treated symptomatically with Tab. Sinarest 1/2 tab thrice a day .

Looks like allergic rhinitis, is related to asthma.
Avoid triggers like dust, mites, pets, pollen and someone smoking in house.
Your doctor may prescribe steroid nasal spray for 5-10 days, if severe - despite antihistamines, decongestant.
You may try frequent nasal rinsing with normal saline.

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