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  drugs that increase the growth

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drugs that increase the growth of beard , available in kerala

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For my sister in the age of 14, few steroids injected to suppress the growth of an abscess which was grown due to herpes viral infection in the upper lip below nose. The abscess growth stopped and we satisfied about the medication. Now she is 30, but her personnel body growth is getting reduced day by day. She is around 40 kg now. We have a doubt, is there any side effect happened because of the steroid injected.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, Steroids given by systemic route play a role in body stunting,but once the full body size is achieved or height is achieved,then body stunting doesn't occur and steroid leads to increase in weight gain and does not reduce weight. So if her personal body growth is reducing now after gaining full weight and height, the cause should not be steroid taken at that tender age,and she should have a detailed examination and investigation to find out the cause of the disease. Feel free to ask more ...
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Does redbull increase your erection time and is there any medicen where i can increase my erection n ejaculation tyme

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, Redbull can not have any effect on your erection time and specially ejaculation time.it is an energy drink and you may feel energetic just for a few minutes after having it and might give you a feel that you are feeling energetic and you may be able to perform better. Now yes there are drugs which can be given to increase your erection time as well as ejaculation time but drugs do have side effects and they can be prescribed only after examination.(because they have serious side effects) ...
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i have a lot of pain in my corner teeth.actully new teeth are grown .50% growth is complete .there is no space to growth.

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dental check-up ...
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i want to increase my height.now iam 5'6".please suggest me supplement tablets that which helps my growth.at the same time it should be avail easily.

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Hi, The height is usually determined by the genetic factors and if your parents have good height only then the medical treatment might be of some use other wise it will be of no use,if you think this is the case with you then you can visit an endocrinologist for getting tested and accordingly you will be treated. You may use following steps otherwise 1)have good high protein diet 2)have good schedule,getting and sleeping on time and doing regular excercise along with yoga 3)try to loose weight ...
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how to remove white hair growing at beard & in my head

  Doctor's Answer

Hello, There is a new drug for this which can work. It is called Melitane and is available in India. You should see a dermatologist to have it prescribed for you. All the best & regards. ...
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