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  Drinking 6 Large pegs of whisk

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Drinking 6 Large pegs of whisky in a week, is it harmful for Health?

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My 2 1/2 year old son had the flu and took tamiflu. A week after his symptoms got better he gotta a fever again for 3 days. He developed a large blister on his lower right lp and sores in his mouth. His teeth are sore and he cant drink eat or swallow much. His gums are red and swollen and bleed if we try to brush his teeth or he eat anything hard or crunchy. The doctor gave us amoxicillin but didnt diagnose anything and his mouth is still red and swollen, 6th day. The blister on his lip did not turn in to a coldsore. Its like an ulcer now that it has popped.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, As per your description and keeping in account the age of your dear son, it looks mostly a primary herpetic gingivostomatitis to me. Give more of supportive treatment like ice chips and some coating agent for ulcers like kaolin pectin. Take care and visit any Oral Physician Regards... ...
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My wife drunk wine (2 pegs) in the night and morning 9AM she had the Femilon Tablet. She is getting vomitting in the evening at 5PM. Please help me to find out the problem is because of the drunk and tablet mixing?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi!! Usually if drinks are taken in the night and tablet is taken in the morning, and if the patient vomits,it is not due to drink and the tablet mixing . Your patient can repeat the dose of femilon if she vomitted after taking the tablet femilon ,within 20 minutes to half an hour of taking the tablet. ...
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Is drinking alcohol ok while consuming novaclox 500 and combiflam

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, As such there should be no reaction of alcohol with th drug.But since both combiflam and alcohol both cause gastric acidity so avoid alcohol just after having combiflam and don't drink empty stomach. You can maintain some gap with novaclox also,although there should be no reaction. ...
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My 15 year daughter told me "When I stretch the middle of my chest hurt, does this have anything to do with my breast because I have very large breast? Does that have anything to do with the pain. Its been hurting on and off for a week now"

  Doctor's Answer

HI Patsy, Thank you for your query. Sometime growing teenagers with large breasts can face this problem because of the rapid growth of tissues. Also the breasts will cause a drag on the tissues which might be further aggravating the issues. Of course I havent examined her, but this is a possibility. You could visit your GP and have her examined but in the meanwhile please ask her to start wearing good support bra's which do not allow her breasts to hang much, it might help with the problem for ...
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Myself sarik if I take zevit capsules daily in the morning after breakfast it is good for my health or it will be harmful please advise me doctor

  Doctor's Answer

Zevit is A multivitamin fortified with minerals,Too much use is not recommended.It's used during convalescence ...
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