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  dose of gudcef syrup in 8 year

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dose of gudcef syrup in 8 year child

PAST HISTORY : viral fever,cough,cold in 8 year child

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My 3 years old daughter has cough and cold for 2 days and fever since morning . She has nasal discharge and seems to breath by mouth. Otherwise she is playful and active. Please advise.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi , Thanks for your request. Your daughter has Viral upper respiratory tract infection.Her mouth breathing is due to her nose blockage.Put nasal decongestant drops in both nostrils thrice a day. Also give her steam inhalation twice daily. For cough and cold give her a decongestive medicine with paracetamol. This will take care of fever as well. Keep a watch for danger signs like fast breathing , chest indrawing , inability to drink , lethargy . Go to your nearest child specialist when you see ...
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My three year old son had a fever since last wednesday off and on. His gums are swollen and breath is really bad. His gums are also bleeding and he doesnt want to eat or drink too much. I took him to a dr and a hospital and they said its viral. But i am concerned about his condition. Oh he also had a couple of blisters on his tongue.

  Doctor's Answer

Analgesics would do and keep him hydrated. He should be fine in a couple of days ...
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My period is extreamly irregular I bleed all month with a day or two with no bleeding which has been happening for a year...my prolactin levels are >700 and of this started straight after I had the depro Vera injection... Could this be its happening or is it just by chance... Can it be fixed because I wish to have another child

  Doctor's Answer

Increase in levels of prolactin can be due to thyroid hormone deficiency,drugs like antidepressants,antacids,opiods,hormone problems like polycystic ovarian syndome,intake of estrogens,oral contraceptive pills and tumors of the pituitary gland called prolactinomas. ...
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My daughter got 104F fever yesterday. I gave crocin suspension but within 3-4 hours the fever is coming back to 101-102F. Please advise. I checked with doctor and he said viral infection.

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Hi, Usually only paracetamol is given for viral and supportive treatment is given in addition such as proper diet and plenty of water for the child and anti-cough(depending whether the child has sputum or not)and something for nose as well,whether child has runny nose or not. Antibiotic is usually prescribed along with it so that child does not get any other infection. I think it should already have been prescribed to you. Can you write what prescription was given? ...
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i have one 3 year old child . my child always have shardi ( cough ) .in year , i do all afraid but i am not Success than my expected-ed, please give me some suggestion for my little child i take homeopathic &

  Doctor's Answer

possibly allergic,has the child grown according to age?.don't delay during attacks,take him to he nearest homoeo doctor for advise ...
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