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  disadvantages of hand practice

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disadvantages of hand practice in dailylife


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i have a muscular pain in my left hand :uper back portion} due to exercise for last 5 days , i had taken medicine mobizax for 3 days and feel better but still pain and feeling weaken in my left hand

  Doctor's Answer

If the pain is localised and is because of prolonged exercise ,then better is to let the muscle heal by themselves as they re sore. You can continue with analgesics local application and NO EXERCISE FOR 15 days ...
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what is the disadvantages of self sex

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, What do you mean by self sex,are you asking about masturbation,if yes then there are no disadvantages of normal masturbation 2-3 times a week. That is your own decision with whom do you want to keep sexual relation but it is not good for long rung that may emotionally disabalance you in long run. If you want to control masturbation then keep yourself busy in other activities like sports,yoga,reading books(you can also read spiritual books),you will also have to try to remove continous sexua ...
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I write on my left hand, am an interior design student and I draw all the time. Then my left hand suddenly feels shakey that I cannot take a picture with a steady hand. My left wrist hurts so much like, it is numb and hurting. My right hand doesnt feel much pain and isn't as weak as my left hand but, it is shaky too! My left hand can hold stuff, but not as good as my right hand. What can remedies can I do at home and medicines can I take to soothe the numbness and weakness of my hands to make it feel better? And are my hands sick in someway that I need to see a doctor? Please answer, thank you! :)

  Doctor's Answer

maybe you need to see a doctor as soon as possible as something is cooking up and needs to be sorted out soon. you may have cervical spondylosis or a neural compression in upper limb ( carpal tunnel syndrome) and needs further investigations. before a paralysis sets in or permanent damage occurs see a good doctor. ...
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Hi I'm 26 year old female. I well on my left hand a week and two days ago. I went to my regular doctor and he said it wasn't broken but I am still having a lot of pain in it. It seems to be hurting more when I have a brace on it. Then last night I saw a lump in my wrist when I bend it back and I'm having more trouble moving my fingers. Could I of torn a tendon in my hand went I fell

  Doctor's Answer

well, you need an urgent consultaton with an orthopaedic surgeon as most probably you have a frature in your wrist and needs an X ray evaluation and proper treatment by an expert. these fractures need a POP cast and needs proper care to avoid complications. ...
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Sir i am doing hand practice from 10 years ago but i want to control it, how it is possible?

  Doctor's Answer

Only by self control. Concentrate on more important things in your life like studies and Job. Do hand practice only when you are really sexually excited. All the best. ...
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