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Dear Experts, My two children are having low vision problem.I already Approached Aravind eye hospital Madurai.The doctors told me this problem cannot curable by any English medicine or surgery.Pls suggest me if there is any Ayurveda medicine to cure the problem. and also pls let me know ayur care centre in India. preferably at Hyderabad

4 Answers

If u r in Hyderabad, u can visit LV prasad Eye hospital and get an opinion.

If Doctors at Aravind has opined so, perhaps you should believe them. We have no idea of Ayurvedic medicine.

Don't get confused and go for glass whatever is prescribed by the eye specialist and wear glass all the time except only during sleep and bath as there is no treatment with medicines for spectacles removal in any system of medicine. Only way to remove spectacles is LASIK LASER after 18 years of age.

Respected Sir , Let mi send the details of the problem of your Childrens Problem !!! or simply mail mi report the Arvind Eye Hospital on my mail id *********@*****.com i will get back to you I m at Pune For you Reaching mi one time is not big stuff For Best of your kids vision M practicing Last 16 yrs with same. Definately you can do lot of things !!!! Can communicate mi on ********** will discusss

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