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  can i use persol forte cream o

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can i use persol forte cream on face

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i am a 30 year old male before 01 month my skin was spotless, glowing and acne free but now there are pimples on my forehead, and pigmentation my deramtologist has suggested me to be on Isotroin-10 mg daily one tablet, nilac A GEL for pimples,Brevoxyly creamy face wash and Melacare HC during night time, Kojimed cream during day time & Shadowz 50 sunscreen will it help me and one i have a doubt whther Melacare HC can be used with Brevoxyl creamy wash as it contains Benzoyl peroxide, will be highly obliged if you reply as it has lost my confidence

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Hi, As far as I know the two can be used together (melacare hc and brevoxyly cream face wash). It is just that you should not have any kind of allergy to brevoxyly cream face wash. First use only brevoxyly cream and if you have breathing difficulty,swelling of lips,face and throat,skin redness,burning,or dryness,then don't use it further but otherwise there should not be any worry. However it depends from person to person so it cannot be confirmed. Melacare cream should not be used for too lon ...
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i am having a bit pimple and brown spots on my face i use nadoxin c to cure it but it takes lots of time to go.....can any cream clear my acne and its spots within 1week??

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Diet - Diet high in dairy products and high glycemic index foods increases the risk of developing pimples. Washing your face about twice each day - not more often. Make sure you have a mild soap. Use warm water. Wash gently; do not scrub the skin. Use an OTC lotion which contains benzoyl peroxide. Do not pop (burst) the pimple - there is a risk you may push the infection further down, causing more serious blockage and worse swelling and redness. Popping pimples also increases the risk of scar ...
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my face has darkened than my skin tone and i want to improve my complexion can i use kojivit cream ??

  Doctor's Answer

Hello, Yes Kojivit cream is a mild skin lightening cream and can help. You can use it in the morning and night. For best results also use an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen in the morning and afternoon as well. Rivela SPF 50 for dry to normal skin and Sungrace Total SPF 30 for oily skin are good brands. Please note that the information I have provided is for general purposes only and does not establish a patient-doctor relationships. No prescription cream or tablet should be taken without consultin ...
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sir, i am prashanth, age 19 ...i am suffering wuth acne problem ... i have dout that. Ecosprin-75 is useful to apply on face for reducing the acne ????

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Hi Prashant, Ecopsrin-75 is a salicylic acid salt but not the kind which helps with acne. Do not apply it on the skin. There are various 2% Salicylic acid face washes available in the market and you would be much better off trying one of those for your acne. Please note that the information I have provided is for general purposes only and does not establish a patient-doctor relationships. No prescription cream or tablet should be taken without consulting a doctor in person. ...
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I had very fair complexion bfr 3years bt aftr getting married i developd freckles on my face,in d starting it was less bt when i concieved it spreaded on my face n uprlips.nw i m pregnant again n havng too mch freckls.plz suggest me smthng i ll b highly thankful to u.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi Faiza, This is a common problem. Skin pigmentary problems like Freckles have a hormonal basis and often become worse after marriage and during pregnancy. There are numerous creams and treatments which can help but none are absolutely safe during pregnancy. The best thing you can use for your skin during pregnancy is an SPF 50 sunscreen used two to three times a day (e.g 8 am and 2 pm if you are not going out, every 3-4 hours if you are) along with a Vitamin C serum applied morning and night. ...
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