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  can i take ragi malt in winter

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can i take ragi malt in winter

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I m 23 years old. I have muscular pain since 6 years. I had all types of test. M.R.I, X-rays etc. i had consult all types of doctors. Done physio therapy. Take hundreds of medicines but no effect. Pain increases to its extream in winter. I m so hopless. People afraid me by saying that this pain will never leave you. Plz help me. I m very disheart.

  Doctor's Answer

you probably have fibromyalgia and need a consultation a good rheumatologist. after confirming your diagnosis you may be helped by certain medications. i have a different approach to this problem and have successfully treated such patients with ESWT( shock wave therapy). do not get disheartened as there is always a way out. pl see my website www.**url** ...
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Hi, I noticed the last couple of days my tongue feeling dry and crusty but only a small spot of it in the center. I recently had surgery where they put me to sleep and I just stopped taking my allergy med Allegra for the winter months. Would this cause this?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi Debbie.. It could be due to the trauma caused by surgical procedure ( during general anesthesia) Use a tongue cleaner and better visit a local dentist. Also give details about your drugs (medicines) which you are taking on long term basis. ...
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Dear Sir, My mother is 80 years old, she has bronchovascular, had oral & nasal hemorrhage, earlier 15years back, again 10 days back for 3-4 days, both in bad winter season. My query is, what medication and precaution should be taken further on? Thanks

  Doctor's Answer

Hi...., Looking at the history provided by you it seems to be a case of Acute Bronchitis. It need supportive treatment in form of cough suppressant as and when required and antibiotics only if associated with purulent sputum and fever. She needs to take special care of winters to avoid episodes of cough and cold. if such episodes of haemorrhage occurs repeatedly you should consult your physician. Regards Dr Raj ...
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dear sir, last year winter main mere right ear se ek dam awaz ana band ho gai. wo shaiad flu ki wja se thi is liye khuch dino main better hua lekin kan se awaz ani thori kum ho gai. ek specialist ko dikhaia to us ne kaha k ap ki ears ki hearing main thora faraq para hai. what's your opinion about this. what should I do?

  Doctor's Answer

Aapke shehar mein ek achche ENT Surgeon se milkar apna ilaaj keejiye! ...
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my skin is completely rough ,and in winter it becomes vey dark and rough, what should I do make my skin glowing and healthy please suggest me , the cream

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, aloe dermadew lotion to apply, take plenty of water to drink, eat fruits nuts vegetables. More details **********. ...
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