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  Blood clot in my mouth on righ

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Blood clot in my mouth on right cheek from inside ... Round blood clot in dark red colour

PAST HISTORY : Nothing as such . I just found blot clot inside my mouth on right cheek yesterday morning ..

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My 3 years old daughter has cough and cold for 2 days and fever since morning . She has nasal discharge and seems to breath by mouth. Otherwise she is playful and active. Please advise.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi , Thanks for your request. Your daughter has Viral upper respiratory tract infection.Her mouth breathing is due to her nose blockage.Put nasal decongestant drops in both nostrils thrice a day. Also give her steam inhalation twice daily. For cough and cold give her a decongestive medicine with paracetamol. This will take care of fever as well. Keep a watch for danger signs like fast breathing , chest indrawing , inability to drink , lethargy . Go to your nearest child specialist when you see ...
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sir, My mom aged 63yrs having Blood clot DVT. I decided to take her for check up by flight. I want to know that Is there will be any problem if she fly? what are the treatments and proceedures?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, Your mother is having DVT and flying increases the risk of dislodgement of thrombus,and flying is not advised in such a situation. If she has to fly in some kind of extreme situation which cannot be avoided then follow the following precautions 1) Keep her limb moving continuously,although not too much 2) If the flight is too long,heparin injection might be recommended ( depending on her tests - PT, APTT ) 3) Blood thinners might be given 4) Straighten up legs and bend legs; ta ...
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Male 19, just had two teeth out, one extraction has stitches, the other doesn't, the one without stitches has now got a huge blood clot hanging from the sit and is still bleeding, its been almost 24 hours since I had these two removed. How can I make this blood clot small / make the bleeding stop

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, It can bleed if stitches are given to you,though not heavy bleeding. It might bleed when you spit or may be otherwise but in drops. You should avoid eating anything hard spicy and also avoid eating from that side where teeth are removed and also don't try and gargle or spit continuously. You can have plenty of fluids directly orally,not by straw. You may also have ice cream and it should go away and you may continue with pain killers and antibiotics for now. You may also do warm rinse. It ...
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My father had black stools (upon test it had occult blood), they did endoscopy and found an ulcer in lesser curvature. they did sclerotherapy. after couple of days the stools were normal in color. he got discharged. biopsy showed H.pylori and he was given h.pylori kit, orafer xt and cobadex since he had become anemic. after 2 days he fell unconscious, pissed in pants and later passed stools brown again. hospitalized him again. occult blood was present in stools from tests. they did endoscopy and found no bleeding from ulcer where sclerotherpy was done. everything normal in the stomoch and in both duodenum. he is still passing brown stools. donot know why ? please give your opinion.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, Brown coloured usually may be even normal because of a little high billirubin content in stools. But there is also occult blood in stools so the blood must be coming from some place(intestines,stomach,duodenum) and it has been seen by a endoscopy that your oesophagus and stomach and duodenum are normal,now there can be blood from other sites, from lower gastro intestinal tract (colon,rectum). However if the occult blood is less or if it does not come again then you might not worry about it ...
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Hello Doctor this is Emmanuel Nice to hear from you, actually my skin is not extremely very dark but compared to a 'White skin' it is, I'm not very pinkish, but I'm fairer than the other dark people. If I come under bright lights I look fair I don't know what medicine changed my skin colour as I'm not good at medicine. My toes, feet, neck, Hands and other private parts like me penis are also dark, I've tried the Vitamin C Calamine lotion Multani mitti allovera face wash drank water used sunscreens accordingly these only work to certain extent and I feel these are meant for people who are looking to improve their complexion and not to restore the original skin colour. I actually look like a South Asain. It took some time may be about a month my complexion became dark. I don't have any other symptoms except for skin darkening and don't have any dark spots either Please advice me with the best medicine. Thanks & Regards Emmanuel

  Doctor's Answer

Hi Emmanuel, Thank you for the photographs. The areas you mention - hands, feet, penis and scrotum are naturally darker than the rest of the body. The reasons for this are different. The penis and scrotum are darker because they have a very rich blood supply and this makes the skin darker. No treatment is required or indeed effective here. The hands and feet are darker because of tanning and also racial pigmentation (acral darkening). This can be treated with measures I will detail below but pl ...
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