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  Blood clot in my mouth on righ

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Blood clot in my mouth on right cheek from inside ... Round blood clot in dark red colour

PAST HISTORY : Nothing as such . I just found blot clot inside my mouth on right cheek yesterday morning ..

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My 3 years old daughter has cough and cold for 2 days and fever since morning . She has nasal discharge and seems to breath by mouth. Otherwise she is playful and active. Please advise.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi , Thanks for your request. Your daughter has Viral upper respiratory tract infection.Her mouth breathing is due to her nose blockage.Put nasal decongestant drops in both nostrils thrice a day. Also give her steam inhalation twice daily. For cough and cold give her a decongestive medicine with paracetamol. This will take care of fever as well. Keep a watch for danger signs like fast breathing , chest indrawing , inability to drink , lethargy . Go to your nearest child specialist when you see ...
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sir, My mom aged 63yrs having Blood clot DVT. I decided to take her for check up by flight. I want to know that Is there will be any problem if she fly? what are the treatments and proceedures?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, Your mother is having DVT and flying increases the risk of dislodgement of thrombus,and flying is not advised in such a situation. If she has to fly in some kind of extreme situation which cannot be avoided then follow the following precautions 1) Keep her limb moving continuously,although not too much 2) If the flight is too long,heparin injection might be recommended ( depending on her tests - PT, APTT ) 3) Blood thinners might be given 4) Straighten up legs and bend legs; ta ...
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what does it mean to have a lump on your gums that comes and goes and has puss and blood inside?

  Doctor's Answer

Dear Patient, Most probably Periodontitis due to infected tooth on that site resulting in a cyst which should be probe further. Cysts are treated with Root Canal Therapy of the Infected tooth with excision of the Cyst. The procedure is called Apicectomy. The lump can be due to furcation involvement in molars. ...
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I had a tooth surgically extracted Dec. 20th. It has felt like it has not healed properly. Five days ago I noticed the inside gum (under tongue) back from where the tooth was extracted had exposed bone and is extremely painful. I went back to the dentist today and she said it was not from the extraction, but was a mouth ulcer causing the bone to be exposed. She Rx'ed magic mouthwash and lortab 5mg. I have appt with oral surgeon on Thursday. I am concerned about she didn't give me antibiotics and the surgeon wont give any until consultation. Is this dangerous to have exposed bone? I have lupus and I don't know how this will affect me. Help

  Doctor's Answer

Its a complication that occurs after a traumatic extraction and what is known as dry socket. See your dental surgeon and ask for topical antibiotics. ...
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Two days ago i used a kanka soft brush on a tooth acke on the lower right side of my mouth. For a day and a half my right cheek has been swelling up and is hard. It hurts when i press on my cheek. How fo i get rid of this discomfort?

  Doctor's Answer

Hi you might be having a decayed tooth which has got infected which is the reason you are having a swelling. Go to a dentist get a x-ray done. Email the x-ray for further advice ...
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