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  12600 wbc count is good or bad

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12600 wbc count is good or bad?

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I need expert opinion regarding "Nill Sperm Count Treatment and Fruits and Vegetables to Increase Sperm Count" ...

  Doctor's Answer

Hi! Your husband has nil sperm count termed as azoospermia.It is possible for a patient to have decreased sperm countt earlier( oligospermia) and now have nil sperm count.I would suggest a complete work up of your husband by a urologist who after a thorough examination of the genitals and a complete hormonal anaysis would be able to reach to a conclusion of the type of azoospermia.If sperm are present in the epidydimis ,extraction can be done and patient can concieve by IVF-also called test tub ...
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high polymorphs and my erythrocyte sedimentation rate is after one hour 15 mm. two hours 32mm . my wbc count is 13400 my HDL cholesterol is 36.6 method use is immunoinhibition . Male 38 years old obese

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Hi, High polymorphs, high ESR and high TLC suggest infection in your body and polymorphs indicate that infections is bacterial so you should be prescribed an antibiotic for that. Your HDL levels are low with obesity puts you in a high risk category for heart disease so you should - - Avoid smoking - Have limited alcohol - Change your cooking oil may be to olive oil - Have limited saturated fatty acids or deep fry stuff - Have plenty of vegetable - Have plenty of water - Do regular phsy ...
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My two semen analysis report 1. Colour white time of liquification 60 min volume 1.5 viscosity higly viscous reaction alakline fructose positive sperm count 160 million/ml motility actively motile 60% sluggish 20% dead 20% pus cell 0 to 2 p.h.f second report shows Count 40mi/ml, viscosity +2, motility 50%pus cell +2 debris +2 aggulation +1 morphology normal plz gibe me suggestion

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, The two reports are very different and unsatisfactory and i can only say that get your test again from any good reputed lab again. The report common is normal motility,some infection because both reports have pus cells,so except for these two things rest no other thing is common so you will have to get a third test and may if it matches any one report of the above then we can do a confirmatory test if required. ...
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my bilirubin (total) is found 0.97 mg/dl, bilirubin direct is found 0.33 mg/dl, SGOT is found 41 iu/l, SGPT is found 80.9 iu/l, alkaline phosphatase is found 101 iu/l & albumin is found 4.2 gm/dl after going through a liver functioning test. I am very much worried about the SGPT count which came abnormal. i do not take regular alcohol, but i do take some medicines like norflox tz or ciprowin tz whenever i came across stomach upsets. Sir, please suggest me what should i do now and shall it be dangerous that the count came abnormal? please help.

  Doctor's Answer

Hi, Are you facing any symptoms like itching,fever,any accident you had or any problem with muscle or something or may be any problems with urine. Although only alcohol can also raise the tests like this,but if you would be facing any symptom then we would get your more further tests to tell you how serious they are. You don't have to prescribe antibiotics to your self or have them to frequently and also always complete their course whenever you start there course. How frquently you have alcoho ...
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sir my wbc count is 12100/cu.mm....is it a symptom of cancer????????

  Doctor's Answer

nothing till now. but please tell me why you got the count done. ...
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