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Now I am 10 weeks pregnant and my doctor is saying that USG is showing that the foetus is 9 weeks old and no such limbs are seen in the foetus. Doctor advised to take Injection CORION 5000IU weekly and ARGIPREG Sachet -1 sachet daily with other regular Tablets like ASA 50(1 daily), SYSFOL PLUS (2tab daily) and DUBAGEST-200(1 daily). Doctor is suspecting the foetus is of poor growth and poor liquor. Doctor said to take Injection for 3 weeks and if any improvements are not found then, I have to discontinue my pregnancy, but I am not in a mood to take such decision. Please guide me if I can carry my pregnancy and what shall I do now?

your case is one of high risk pregnancy as you have had one previous still birth. If Baby has poor birth weight and leads to still birth ,then other causes of poor growth of baby in recurrent pregnancies needs to be evaluated.Please get your thyroid profile done,thrombophilia screen done as these are the most common causes of theses problems.also let me know whether the baby was normal in appearance in previous pregnancy and if any autopsy was suggested to you. inj corion and is given to suppo ...

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my uncle is 80 years old & suffering from prostate cancer, the doctor says that chemotherapy can not be possible due to weak health(53kg wt),also their PSA is 351.2,Doctor says that nothing is possible.Now i ask you that we are proudly says that medical science achieve all deceases in control, then why doctor says that there are no option for these cancer & only pray for God.

Hello, I can understand your frustration. However I need to know more details about his prostate cancer and treatment taken, medications that he is taking and his present problems in order to suggest if any option can be advised. And a doctor would be last to give up hope for patient with great reluctance. ...

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I want to know which doctor treats pudendal neuralgia in Mangalore, Karnataka, India? every Doctor i go they dont know what problem i have by accessing internet i came to know about my problem.

Hi, This tablet is very effective in reducing the pain,although causes sleepiness and if it causes excessive sleepiness then you can get the tablet changed. You should get an mri done to evaluate the cause behind the problem and there are many similar problems which cause similar symptoms. Serum electrolyte is a blood test and can be taken from any lab,although the values should be fine its just confirmatory. You can also try flexon-mr half tablet twice daily along with tab rantac one tablet tw ...

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HI doctor..i met with an accident 2 months ago with a collor bone fractured. and its been healed and now undergoing physiptherapi.. and doctor prescribed microcid 25mg.. may i know why it is used for?

Hi thanks for the query. From the history you had given your fracture must have healed and i advice you to continue physitherapy. No need to use Microcid 25mg as it is type of pain killer which is not necessary for you at present. Some doctors prefer to give you pain killers so that you dont experience pain during physiotherapy. ...

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Dr. Ritu Sethi

  • Gynecologist
  •  Gurgaon, India
  •  684 Doc Points

Dr. Puneet Madan

  • General Physician
  •  New Delhi, India
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  • Dentist
  •  Ahmedabad, India
  •  108 Doc Points

Dr. Gomatthi Chinnaswamy

  • Sexual Health Medicine
  •  Coimbatore, India
  •  136 Doc Points

Dr. Mohan krishna

  • Orthopedist
  •  Hyderabad, India
  •  306 Doc Points


  • Oncologist
  •  Mumbai, India

Dr. Mohamed iqbal Sheik

  • Unani
  •  Chennai, India
  •  101 Doc Points

Dr. Alok Kalyani

  • Rheumatologist
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  453 Doc Points

Dr. Sanjay Pandey

  • Homeopathist
  •  Kolkata, India
  •  246 Doc Points

Dr. Rangeeth Nammalwar

  • Dentist
  •  Chennai, India
  •  223 Doc Points
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