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I am a 32 years female with a severe tooth ache in my jaw which increases in the night. I know there seems to be a cavity in one of my tooth. What exactly needs to be done for me to get relief from my pain & what will the whole procedure be like ?? Thanks

Hello , The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to consult a good dentist, perhaps in the your near vicinity. You must have regular checkups every six months for prevention of such problems later on, this is an international protocol followed everywhere. Next, what I do get from your symptoms is that you have something’s known as a nerve exposure of a particular tooth (or sometimes set of teeth). The only treatment left to save teeth like these is Root Canal Treatment. Now it may ...

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Am 21yrs old female.. I had lasik surgery (myopia) two months ago, still my vision not perfect.. Not able to see longer. If i put my drops vision will clear for a minute, again back to unclear.

Hi, What did your doctor say about your result? You could read upto which line on vision chart (say 20/20, 6/6). From your description , it seems your eyes are going dry frequently. This is a known side effect of LASIK surgery. However, it is usually not very serious, the condition is likely to improve gradually, may take several weeks. Until then, lubricant eye drops instilled in the eyes on an 'as needed' basis can help. You can also use lubricant gels just before going to bed. ...

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i am female with a weight of 110 kgs, and dont have any medical issues apart from this, few months ago my gyno prescribed me with Hyponidd and glycomet as my fasting insulin is little bit on hihger side. i am trying to get pregnant. this month i have not got my periods. my LMP was 28th June

Hi, If you have missed your periods then go for urine pregnancy test first,to confirm pregnancy. Since how long are you facing this problem ? Describe your menstural cycle in detail in days and cycle length and and periods and and flow. She gave you drugs for diabets or may be you have pcod. Now what is your query exactky ? ...

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is there any female sexologist for man?

Why do you prefer a female sexologist ? You can reveal and be at ease with anyone male or female.You need not feel shy to consult a male doctor if one is available nearby. Doctors are always neutral , unbiased and maintain privacy in their practice. Be confident with any one who is professional . ...

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Hi, i am female aged 35. Stay in mumbai. Divorcee. Work as lawyer. Got hyperthyroid problem. Weight 58 kgs n height is 5.3" wht should be apt diet for me

Dear patient, you weight according to you height should be 55 +/- 5 kgs. you would require a weight management diet which is rich in iron, folic acid, calcium, Vit D mostly and the other nutrients. you can give me details of your diet pattern (veg/non veg), any food allergies if any and a one day diet recall of yours (stating what food you eat at what time) and i will modify the diet plan as suited best for you. ...

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Hi iam 36 years married female. My husband wants to drink my piss. can i give him? I love him very much. he also loves me very much.I do not have any isease iam very healthy.

Hello, Try to know why he has as such an desire and as Doctor I can suggest that Oral sex is fine but drinking the piss is left to you choice. ...

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I was 21yrs old female. already i test my urine analysis it had 38-40 in puscells and RBC contains 6-8 and EPI has 8-10 is my report explain about this and tell me the normal range of puscells,rbc and epi

Hi, Normally the urine should not contain more than 2-3 pus cells although regularly there should be no pus cells or rbc in urine . This indicates high quantity of infection in urine . ...

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have yellow teeth since i had typhoid early in my life. i m 27 female

there is no correlation between thpyoid and yellow teeth.Some antibiotic do give yellow stains if taken in early life.Find out the type of stains.If stains are because of hypocalcified then bleaching will not help,go for veneer(direct or indirect) ...

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