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Had a cough before wisdom tooth extractions and cough disappeared after surgery Why did the cough disappear

the cough disappeared because after extraction u might have taken a good course of antibiotics, which helped u in cough also ...

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My sister is having heavy dry cough and little mucos coming out. Can you pls suggest some first aid

Hi, Is she allergic ? Doe she have any added sounds in chest does she feel that,whistling kind of sound ? Is it more in the morning ? Does she have fever or difficulty in breathing ,since when is she having all this ? This is a season for allergics,which may flare up for people with allergic history. For cough she may use a cough syrup-syrup grillinctus -bm 2 tsf two times a day for that and if any other symptom like fever you may have paracetamol 500mg as and when needed. She may may have st ...

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iam having cough for two months now and i consulted an ent and it si allergic cough.any medicines in ayurvedic

U have allergic bronchitis. As name suggests it is allergy and inflammation inside lungs and bronchus. I have very good ayurvedic treatment for ur problem. No side effects. U Need both medication and allergy prevention education. For more information call or what's app me on this number nine five three five four two zero seven seven zero. thank u. All ...

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Good doctor for cough(more than 25days) in chennai?

Hi, If you have symptoms of allergy and nasal blockage or diifculty in swallowing,it might be a good idea to visit an ent specialist. Otherwise chronic and irritating dry cough which might last for months may be there in asthma and tuberculosis and more medical disorders and such cases are to be dealt by an internal medicine specialist.(md medicine) Are you having any kind of fever,cough is dry or there is sputum or may be any othere symptom you are facing ? Do you face any problem during the ...

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i am 32 years old suffering from cold and cough last 20 days,at the time of birthing i am feeling uncomfortable..already i have check my Sputton test it is negative 3 times ,in my chest i feel cough please suggest how to clear it

these symptoms could suggest bronchitis, which can be due to an infection or post-infectious or allergic. Based on you x-ray and blood tests you may benefit from anti-allergy treatment. ...

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My 5 month old daughter has severe cold cough after diwali. Doc gave her amoxilin and kufril d for cough. What else can I do as her breathing heavy after 3 days of medication ? (She threw up once after the medicine was given so i gave half a dose again.)

Dear SV, What needs to be considered is if your daughter has had any allergies or asthma in the past. We refer to them as hyper-responsive or atopic, wherein, these children are prone to develop an allergic reaction especially to pollution or smoke. Diwali is a season of high pollution and I would recommend using an antihistamine like cetirizine (appropriate dose for age), along with a a teasppon of honey (honey is a known and scientifically proven remedy for irritative cough). If it does not co ...

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sir i used to b ur regular comer for my kid vn i was in btm bangalore.ur treatment was so satisfactory. Now v shifrerd to delhi.my younger kid of 1 year old suffering from severe cough n cold from last 1 week.given asthakind n alaspan.now he is pooping daily 5 to 6 times vth phglem in it but cough nt reduced.can u suggest me what to do to soothen cough n cold.what are those medicines for

1 year old , cough can persist for around 2 weeks sometime. It takes time with young kids, as they r not able to take out the secretions themselves, so it takes longer. and secretions usually comes out like this only in form of vomiting only. Danger signs which should alert you and prompt you to visit child specialist immediately are High fever persisting , Breathing difficulty, Lethargy. If child is active, alert, playful and sleeping comfortably then need not worry. give any syp with dextrom ...

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Dr. Swati Kad

  • Pediatrician
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  315 Doc Points

Dr. Ramesh Madan

  • Internal Medicine
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  288 Doc Points

Dr. Puneet Madan

  • General Physician
  •  New Delhi, India
  •  1038 Doc Points

Dr. Bipin Mishra

  • Homeopathist
  •  Varanasi, India
  •  109 Doc Points

Dr. Mehul Thakkar

  • Tuberclosis & Respiratory Diseases
  •  Mumbai, India
  •  306 Doc Points

Dr. Salil Bhargava

  • Respiratory medicine
  •  Indore, India
  •  301 Doc Points

Dr. Bharath Kumar Reddy

  • Pediatrician
  •  Bangalore, India
  •  419 Doc Points

Dr. atul pandey

  • General Physician
  •  Rewa, India
  •  102 Doc Points

Dr. Sanjay Pandey

  • Homeopathist
  •  Kolkata, India
  •  246 Doc Points

Dr. Rangeeth Nammalwar

  • Dentist
  •  Chennai, India
  •  223 Doc Points
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