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Autoimmune disease

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Looking for Lyme disease treatment expert.

Hi, Lymes disease is an infective disease,if tou want to consult about the disease u need to visit an internal medicine specialist For confirming the disease,still the tests are very controversial and no test can confirm you about the disease,the diagnosis would depend upon the presentation(symptoms and signs)and test result. Various tests included are serologic tests(pcr,western blot,elisa test)and some radiologic evidence on mri The treatment usually starts with an antibiotic,but depends ...

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I am 22 year old male recently diagnosed with celiac disease (gluten-sensitive). I would like to know which foods I should avoid.

Hi, Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder induced by ingestion of gluten, present in wheat, rye and barley. A lifelong exclusion of gluten from the diet is a must. Cereals permitted are rice, makka-ka-atta, chana-flour (besan), sago, bajra, jowar, soyabean, katoo-ka-atta, singhara-ka atta, arrowroot powder, gluten-free atta/biscuits. Cereals to be avoided are wheat flour, refined wheat flour, wheat semolina, rye, barley, dalia, wheat flakes, oats, breadcrumbs, seviyan (vermicelli) T ...

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what is the best treatment for tooth disease pirea

Hai sir, teeth cleaning( scaling) should be done and if symptoms persist you may have to undergo periodontal surgery. ...

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I need your advice on how to clear mangu skin disease which has appeared on nose.

Hi, I think you are speaking of melasma over you nose,kindly attach your photos for me getting confirmed because i have other wise never heard of this terminology. ...

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Well doc, i had fever for 18 days with pain on side where the liver is...then came a rash on the lower thigh and the biopsy of that is talking of autoimmune. the doctors have given heavy steroids to get the fever down which finally worked. I want to now consult a doctor who can help...shd i consult an immunologist?

Hi, Well you can consult an immunologist,if your fever was not normally controlled and it had to be controlled by steroids. Otherwise it is difficult to get or understand some thing without looking at tests. You can also consult a md medicine for a secound opinion before consultint an immunologist. ...

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I was diagnose having Bilateral chronic renal parenchymal Disease Grade 1. How this diseae can be treated?

That is a radiological finding. Usually seen as a part of some acute medical illnesses. get your renal functions checked. ...

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calcification in lung is not disease or infectious. But gamca lab give unfit report. I want solution

Hi, Thanks for writing in. Some countries have strict health regulations concerning lung appearance on chest X ray. You can discuss the findings with a pulmonologist and then have detailed communication with the lab. It is known that there is no health concern but the rules have to be followed and doubts to be cleared at a specialist level. ...

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i had red eye for 3 weeks my doctor gave me steroid . i used it for 13 dyas ... but now red eye is gone .. but when i go out in sun ... i see lot of floating patterns trough my eyes ? some are transparent some are black marks ...? is dis any eye disease

It Has nothing to do with Red Eye And medicine you hv put !!!! Floater has very specific pathophysiology !!!! Very common troublesome ruled out By examining it with Vitro-Retinal Surgeon !!!!!! Its typically Dangerous until not confirmed !!!!! ...

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Dr. Shripad Mahamuni

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Dr. Anupama Kotian George

  • Homeopathist
  •  Mumbai, India
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Dr. Kinjal Shah

  • Homeopathist
  •  Mumbai, India
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