Kare Dental Clinic

Dentistry - Orthodontics
102, Rishikesh apartment, s.v. raod, above Sapna hotel, opposite N. L. high school, Malad (west), Mumbai 400064 , Malad west
Mumbai Western Suburb , India

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About Kare Dental Clinic

Kare Dental Clinic is located in Mumbai Western Suburb, India. Kare Dental Clinic is specialized in Dentistry - Orthodontics.
         Kare Dental Clinic offers various treatments like Removable partial denture, Teeth whitening, Composite filing (class II), Composite filing (class II) MOD, GIC filling, Temporary restoration, Temporary crown, Composite filling on anterior, Pit and fissure sealants, Fluoride application, Implants, Single plus scalling, Root canal - back tooth, Re-root canal treatment, Rct+apicoectomy, Metal free crown (procera,3m,lava) - zirconia crowns, Porcelain fused to metal, Metal Crown, Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces, Self Ligating Braces, Lingual/Incognito Braces, Invisalign(Clear Or Invisible Braces), Expans, Habit Breaking, Space Maintainer, Retainer, Removal Partial Dentures, Complete Denture - Acrvlic, Complete Denture - Lucitone, Tooth Extraction/Removal, Root Piece Extraction/Grossly Curious, Third Molar Extraction, Impacted Tooth Removal, Minor Surgeries + CLP Frenectomy, Zoom Office Whitening In An Hour, Skyce Crystals (Per Crystal), Cosmetic Contouring and Night Guard. Dr. Bhavisha Gandhi (specialized in Dentistry - Orthodontics) is associated with this clinic.

Doctors at Kare Dental Clinic

Dr. Bhavisha Gandhi

  • Dentist
  •   Mumbai Western Suburb , India
  •  136 Doc Points

Treatments at Kare Dental Clinic

Treatment Cost in INR
Removable partial denture Not Provided
Teeth whitening Not Provided
Composite filing (class II) Not Provided
Composite filing (class II) MOD Not Provided
GIC filling Not Provided
Temporary restoration Not Provided
Temporary crown Not Provided
Composite filling on anterior Not Provided
Pit and fissure sealants Not Provided
Fluoride application Not Provided
Implants Not Provided
Single plus scalling Not Provided
Root canal - back tooth Not Provided
Re-root canal treatment Not Provided
Rct+apicoectomy Not Provided
Metal free crown (procera,3m,lava) - zirconia crowns Not Provided
Porcelain fused to metal Not Provided
Metal Crown Not Provided
Metal Braces Not Provided
Ceramic Braces Not Provided
Self Ligating Braces Not Provided
Lingual/Incognito Braces Not Provided
Invisalign(Clear Or Invisible Braces) Not Provided
Expans, Habit Breaking, Space Maintainer Not Provided
Retainer Not Provided
Removal Partial Dentures Not Provided
Complete Denture - Acrvlic Not Provided
Complete Denture - Lucitone Not Provided
Tooth Extraction/Removal Not Provided
Root Piece Extraction/Grossly Curious Not Provided
Third Molar Extraction Not Provided
Impacted Tooth Removal Not Provided
Minor Surgeries + CLP Frenectomy Not Provided
Zoom Office Whitening In An Hour Not Provided
Skyce Crystals (Per Crystal) Not Provided
Cosmetic Contouring Not Provided
Night Guard Not Provided

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