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Online Web based Practice Management Software for Pathology - Anatomic Clinic

iClinic is first state of art truly cloud based clinic management software for Pathology - Anatomic . Being patient centric our online practice management software helps you serve your patient better and makes managing your practice simpler.

Why Software for Pathology - Anatomic Clinic ?

Healcon's practice management software on top of cloud for Pathology - Anatomic Clinic helps you automate lot of tasks related to your practice and keeps yourself free to focus on more important tasks at your clinic.Broadly it will help you `:

  • Streamline patient appointment scheduling at your Pathology - Anatomic Clinic
  • Maintain paperless Pathology - Anatomic Clinic by organising complete patient records online.No more patient cards required to be maintained.
  • Increase patient follow up rates at your Pathology - Anatomic Clinic by sending automated sms reminder to patients.You will find that patient will never forget to come back for follow-up treatment.
  • It will give your Pathology - Anatomic Clinic online presence.
  • It will help your Pathology - Anatomic Clinic to accept online appointment booking from patients beyond your neighbourhood.
  • Send bulk SMS to your Pathology - Anatomic Clinic Patients.
  • Write e-Prescription and email to your Pathology - Anatomic Clinic Patients.
  • Generate online bills and email to your Pathology - Anatomic Clinic Patients.

What are major features of Healcon Software for Pathology - Anatomic Clinic ?

  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • e-Prescription
  • Medical Billing
  • Clinic Analytics
  • Practice Marketing Page with Online Appointment Booking Feature
  • Patient SMS Reminders
  • Multiple doctor support
  • Multiple practice/clinic support
  • Supports all devices like desktop/mobile/tablets/phablets : One Experience!
  • Reception/Assistant etc staff members supported
  • Add unlimited visiting doctors

Advantages of using Healcon Software for Pathology - Anatomic Clinic .

  • Healcon provides world class health cloud technology stack platform built by ex-Yahoo/Bing engineers.
  • Multi-tier security layer to ensure your data is secure.
  • High redundancy environment to ensure safety of data.
  • Healcon is today among the fastest practice management software. Speed which is powered by underlying cloud platform.
  • Healcon.com fastest-software also gives you a big advantage of its Million+ monthly visitors so that more patients discover your practice online than any other software.
  • Healcon.com is already fastest growing health network company built on cloud technology platform which scales better than any other available solution.
  • Excellent customer care support and ever improving software.
  • And above all its free for lifetime ! No more monthly charges.

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